Friday, October 19, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1984

I posted previously that my son and his girlfriend asked if I would help them with their Halloween costumes? They want to be early '80s rock stars - specifically Prince and Madonna circa 1984.

I also admitted to owning, and wearing, a pair of white lace fingerless gloves. Don't get all giggly on me now, I'm not the only one who admitted to owning and wearing those gloves. Kasizzle (love that name by the way) commented that she still has her gloves! And they are pink!

Now I don't still own my pair of gloves but I did dig up a photo of the gloves being worn with a strapless white lace dress, big hair, and too much make up - like so totally 80s, like for sure. And check out the white shoes with the fantastic asymmetrical ankle strap.

This was another of the women's only company-hosted events that I posted about back on this Flashback Friday - 1985. As one of the employee club members we acted as hostesses - which meant we got to smile and schmooze with everyone - I loved it - a chance to talk all night and get paid for it!

I even managed to not poke my friend, Rochelle, in the shoulder while pinning on her corsage and posing for the photographer.

I wonder how I managed to keep that dress up?!? Pin It


  1. Aahh, there are the fingerless lace gloves. You look great in these pictures! They make me smile.

  2. Sharon you're so dang pretty! I want to be you next time around. xo



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