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Simplicity 3775 Pattern Reivew - Knit Dress


The "often reviewed knit dress with the midriff ruching that I was sure would not be flattering because of the ruching so I held off on purchasing it until the multiple reviews convinced me otherwise."

Simplicity 3775, knit dress in two lengths with bodice, waist, and sleeve length variations.

Pattern Sizing:
Available in sizes 4 to 20. This dress is view D with three-quarter length sleeves, sewn as a size 12, with FBA, tapering to a 14 at the waist/hip line.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Oh so much better. I have liked every version that I have seen reviewed on PatternReview, - over 20 reviews now - and without those reviews I would have passed this pattern up because of my fear of extra bulk at the waistline created by the ruching.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
This is a simple to sew dress pattern with total sewing time under two hours.

Basic construction
  • Begin by adding gathering the front bodice pieces underneath the bust.
  • Instructions now tell you to sew the side seams and the shoulder seams - I only sewed the shoulder seams at this point so I could sew the sleeves in flat.
  • The neckband is sewn on and the right front bodice is lapped over the left and basted in place.
  • Sew the sleeves in flat and sew the side seam (sleeves and bodice.)
  • Sew the skirt front to the skirt back at the side seams.
  • The mid-section is two pieces - an inside midriff section and an outer section that is ruched. Working with front and back sections separately, the outer - or overlay as they call it - is gathered at the side edges and placed on top of the midriff section with both pieces right side up. The gathers are adjusted to fit the side seam, basted in place and the side seams are sewn.
  • The under section is narrower than the overlay - which seemed odd as I was constructing the dress but I discovered that it acts as a "girdle" when I wear the dress.
  • The upper edge of the midriff is now sewn to the bodice and the lower edge is sewn to the skirt. I tried to match the pattern - as it has a vertical line to the pattern on the knit - but was unable to do.
  • The last step is to hem the sleeves and the skirt. I originally cut this skirt in the longer length but after trying it on I shortened it so that it ends right at my knee.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I didn't like it at all when I first saw it in the pattern catalog. While I liked the cross over bodice and gentle flare of the skirt, I had concerns about all of that fabric at my waistline. I feared it would add bulk but after reading a few reviews, and seeing photos, I was convinced that the ruching was in fact a slenderizing design aspect.

My DH loves this dress and says it is flattering. But it was dinner time and I hadn't begun dinner yet so maybe he was just trying to put me in a good mood and lure me away from the sewing machine.

Fabric Used:
A polyester / lycra blend purchased from Fabric Club fabrics last July. It was a "buy the piece" so I still have about two yards left. The fabric works great in the midriff section as it has enough weight to pull the midriff under section in tightly acting helping to give that hourglass look.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
As usual, I did an FBA, although not as big as I would in a non-knit fabric. I made a note on my pattern to add an additional 1/2" underneath the bust next time. I needed a little more room so I sewed the front bodice and midriff seam in a 3/8" seam instead of 5/8".

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, once I find the right fabric. This version has a lot of stretch so I want to be careful that I again choose something with a similar weight and stretch.

If you've been holding off on buying this one - get thee to the fabric store during one of the infamous pattern sales and pick it up quickly. You won't regret it.

Identical review can be found here at Patternreview. Pin It


  1. Hi Sharon!!! OMG... I LOOOOOOOOVE this dress!!! The rusching around the waistline would definitely work for me (I have always read that rusching is a GREAT camoflager???)... anyway... according to your sizing it would fit me perfectly (OK... a bit "baggy" in the chest area... but hey)... LOL... Hmmmm... I could also see this maybe in a dark heather grey (matte) jersey??? Or a navy??? FABULOUS!!! Make sure to get a pic of you modeling it... Yea... I can see why your husband would like this one!!!

    Lala :o)

  2. Very pretty! You are so talented! And I'm all for anything this great that can be made up in only a couple of hours!

  3. Sharon, don't make LaLa a single thing until I have something---anything Sharon-made!

    You're good, very very good. I'm going over to PR tomorrow to tell you that, too. I'm kind of a big deal at PR--have you noticed? (hehe)

    *Niki is quite a lot of Stacey indeed--and that happens to be my FAVORTE picture! Nothing wrong with starting the night with a little boogie on your fingertip. I'm all about thrifting and consigning with you when I come. But we can do that and still have our hot babes on the roller coaster time too, Sharon. We're all that, we can do it all.


    PS--consider embryo man my next target, I'll tell him Sharon sent me!

  4. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. What a great dress. I was doubtful of the ruching too, but it turned out great.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love it! And that fabric - it's fantastic too. You're going to look stunning when you wear this one out!

  7. Lovely! And a really versatile dress, especially in black and red!

    LOL, I didnt' realize til now that I changed my blog template to the same one as yours. Hope you don't mind. I was sick of looking at mine and too scared to select a template from a somewhere else and change the html myself!

  8. Love the dress! I sorted through my stash on Friday and had also decided to make this dress. I'm going to do almost the same version with the only difference being I'm going with the scoop neckline.

  9. Sharon ~ I love the fabric that you used for this dress...but if I have to get nekkid and change into outfits the least you can do for me is the same! *LOL* Soooo when can I see a picture of you in the dress!

  10. Fabulous!! I love the fabric too!

  11. Sharon, this is the "hot babe" dress! I love it. I was also leery of the ruching, but may give in to this adorable pattern. Carolyn said it - we really need to see you in it!

  12. Sharon, I explained that 2nd drive away on my site so all would know--you know, about the help entrance. (you goof)

    And yes, it's best to disguise the pool, the horses, you know...that way they don't all come knocking down your door when it's MY time to vacation at your resort! Smart AND talented you are. xoxo

  13. Marty8:14 AM

    Beautiful dress. I love your fabric choice. Wish our local Hancock Fabrics had such wonderful selections. I love the ruching as it is slenderizing. Happy Stitching!



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