Thursday, September 27, 2007

Simplicity 3775 Dress Photos

Ok, ok, ok. I heard you loud and clear...add photos of you wearing the items you've sewn! Or, as Carolyn so eloquently phrased it on this post "...but if I have to get nekkid and change into outfits the least you can do for me is the same! *LOL* "

I guess I don't need any better motivation than that! So here you go....

The dance move pose

The stop at the bottom of the steps as you exit the room pose

The "I wonder if it would be rude if I told them that they have a big ole cobweb in that corner?" pose. Oh wait, that's usually what *my* guests are thinking.

The "why yes, a glass of wine would be lovely, thank you" pose

The "Come here big boy" aka arm behind the head pose.
(Usually done after the glass of wine pose but can be done before hand if it's taking too long for the wine to be offered to you.)

The "Whoa, good thing that stair post is there or the little dog would have tripped me" pose (Usually done after consuming the aforementioned wine.)

The "What are you doing back there Abby?" pose

The "ah forget about it, you really just want to see the dogs anyway" pose

And since I'm in the mood for posting photos - Stacey tagged me to take a photo outside the window I usually blog at. It's rather uninspiring as the computer is stationed in the living room (that is rarely used) with no direct outside windows. The patio window next to the computer desk looks out into a four-season porch - that is empty because we want to put a pool table in there and, well, we just don't have the excess cash. I keep threatening to take it over as another sewing room because I love all the sunlight that enters that room.

And my lovely view outside of the four season porch is my neighbor's kitchen and dining room windows!
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  1. Hi Sharon!!! OMG... I "sew" knew that the dress would look FABULOUS on you!!! WOOWZA!!! :o) I think the "stop at the bottom of the steps as you exit the room" could also be called "look how TEENIE my waist looks with roushing" pose!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!! OH... and LOVE the kicks too!!!

    Although I love seeing the pups too... i DID really want to see the dress ON!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! OH... and I love the "come here big boy pose too"... :o)

    Lala :o)

  2. Great looking dress. It looks fantastic on you.

  3. Fabulous dress, Sharon!

  4. What a hoot! Love those poses! Great dress, too!

  5. Great dress - looks good in every pose!

  6. Thank you...thank you very much! I appreciate the time and effort you took to pose! *LOL* The dress is great BTW!

  7. Love the dress, it looks great on! I think the shoes go well with it.

  8. Sharon--you're so dang hott! I think my favorite is the exiting the stairs pose--you've got that down. We could soo get along --shoot photos of us us us all day long!

    PS--gosh you definitely need a better blogging view. Mine isn't pretty but I can see who comes and goes down my street, kind of Gladys Kravitz-ish. xoxo

  9. Nice dress! and yes, nice poses you got there! You are so funny =)

  10. Sharon - you are a hoot! I love your photo shoots. Your husband must just crack up taking the photos! I wish I had your confidence - can you mail me some?

    By the way - the dress looks great. g



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