Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday - Halloween 1988

October is just around the corner which means it's time to begin sewing Halloween costumes. Simplicity has already begun their annual Halloween costume contest and the costume contest at PatternReview begins Monday, Oct. 1.

The costume contest at PR will run until Nov. 30 and there will be two winners, each receiving a $50 gift certificate from Lucy's Fabrics. I know that date well because I'll be moderating the costume contest at PR. Just so you know, I like milk chocolate, not dark chocolate, and non of that cheap stuff okay? Just kidding, I'm only the moderator - I don't decide who wins. The winners will be decided upon by votes. But you can still send me chocolate if you want to. I won't mind. Really. It's okay...

So, to begin your costume inspiration I invite you to travel back with me to to Halloween 1988. That was the year the unicorn, the pirate and the mermaid attended a well-known night club's Halloween bash in the hopes of winning some money!

The unicorn is my friend that designed the Ren-Faire goat pants I wrote about here and the blue Ren-Faire gown I wrote about here.

She (the beautiful blonde unicorn draped all over the pirate) designed and sewed all three of these costumes and was kind enough to let me wear the mermaid gown. BTW, the pirate is her hubby so it's perfectly acceptable for her to be draped all over him.

Oh my gosh - I loved that mermaid gown! It was so intricately beaded and embellished with the tail sewn from a variety of green brocades. And get this - the tail zipped completely closed! Meaning you could ask a super cute, big muscled, hunky guy to carry you around, LOL.

I had the perfect seafoam green heels to wear with the costume as well as a sequined headband (hello? ... 1988 remember?) and big beaded dangling earrings. I remember complaining about my big "backside" when I saw these pictures. Ah, the foolishness of youth. I'd kill for a backside that tiny once again.

The music was great, the dancing was fun, and the flirty gal in the teensy-tiny devil costume won first prize. Pin It


  1. That is an awesome costume!

    Funny, at first I wondered if that was your husband and I was thinking that I'd be pretty ticked if that were my friend! LOL!

  2. Hi Sharon!!! We had at least 50 mermaids around the neighborhood last year!!! This will be Lks first year trick or treating... she'll be a sparkling witch... LOL

    LOVE teh mermaid costume!!! Your friend sure is talented!!!

    Thanks for the flashback! I have my Favorite "foto" up... take a little visit!

    Lala :o)

  3. those are super costumes! nice figures too! just think...10 years from now we'll be wanting our figures back from today! the contest from pattern review sounds like a yes sir ree bob for me! Laurens is a must's still a secret though!

  4. These are *great* costumes. I love the sequined headband :)

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  6. What fabulous costumes! How could you not win? Not flirty enough I guess....

  7. Love it--I want to live by celebrate everything BIG. I like that. But maybe you come down here--my skin scales up in extreme cold.

    Come to my site, see why you make me smile. As if you don't know! xoxo



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