Friday, September 07, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1990s at the Renaissance Faire

The State Fair has ended and the kids have gone back to school, but that doesn't mean the outdoor festivals are done yet. No indeed. The best is saved for last. The Renaissance Festival continues until the end of this week.

Mamafitz left a comment on my state fair post (the one with the great baby doll skirt) mentioning that she had been there with her family. Of course I immediately popped over to her blog to see if she had any photos, because you never know - maybe there was a shot of the crowd and I could have been in it, or at least someone I know.

I came across her photo of the kids in their jousting gear, which reminded me of the time my bff had a glass of wine and cheered my dh on while he fenced. She gets really, really silly after only one glass of wine and she accidentally insulted the sheriff of the festival who threatened to have her put in the stockades. We spent most of that faire looking over our shoulders ...

Anyway, today's Flashback Friday is a couple of Ren Faire photos for your enjoyment.

Ren Faire 93
1993 riding an elephant with my bff. We're both wearing gowns we designed and sewed ourselves. I loved this one - it's still in my costume box but I can't quite fit into it any longer.

Ren Faire 98
1998 - Again wearing gowns we designed and sewed ourselves. My under dress was a bright purple silk and the overdress was a deep black patterned velvet. We went for the "look" rather than authenticity. My gown was patterned after a doll's dress I had seen in a magazine. The concept was great, but the end result wasn't quite what I had envisioned. And here's proof that I didn't always need to know what an FBA was....*sigh* those were the good ole' days

1999 - I wore the overdress again and paired with a deep emerald green silk skirt and a peasant style pullover blouse. It looks as if my hair is really short, but actually I'm wearing a matching cap.

Ren Faire Brian 99
1999 - This was the year I finally convinced dh to wear "tights". Doesn't he look great? After a day of wearing this outfit he said it was comfortable but "maybe the tights should be a bit more fitted." LOL! I think it was all the women checking him out that changed his mind!

Ren Faire 99
1999 - One of my favorite Ren Faire photos because dh kissed me in public. He freely admits that he doesn't do PDAs (public displays of affection) so I especially love this public display captured on film.
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  1. Hi Sharon! Love the FLASHBACK... :o)

    What a nice pic of the PDA... yea... I'm like that too... my husband is always trying to smooch me in public... not my thing though (PDAs)...

    You are so pretty! Love the emerald outfit!

    Lala :o)

  2. I love the last photos wow, a magic moment, thanks for sharing

  3. Talented, beautiful and willing to display affection publicly--what more is there?! Great post, Sharon. Have fun with your weekend! xoxo



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