Friday, September 21, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1973

Over this past year we've often heard that it is the year of the dress. As a follower of fashion trends since seventh grade I've come to realize how often fashion and trends cycle. Over the years there have been many year of the dress.

1973 was one of those years - at least for me it was. Most of my sewing consisted of dresses and one of those dresses was sewn using Simplicity 5616.

.Simplicity 5616 c. 1973 sewing pattern

In 1973 I was a sophomore in high school. I was no longer in gymnastics but was still studying dance (ballet) and was a bit vain about my leg. Thus the dresses versus slacks or jeans. (Gosh that sounds so shallow doesn't it?)

That was also the year I decided the spelling of my name should be Sheron, not Sharon. (I wonder which celebrity influenced that silly, short-lived decision?!?)

So here I am in all my geeky glory. Does anyone like the way they look when they're fourteen?

Bob probably just cracked a joke in his wry manner, which would explain the mischievous grin on his face and the goofy smile on mine. I wonder who took our picture and I wonder why we weren't in class? Maybe we captured forever a "let's run out that door as soon as the hall monitor looks the other way and hang out at the park" moment - not that I ever did that mind you...

The dress was oh so cutsie - right down to the fabric choice - a cotton/blend baby blue gingham with little Holly Hobbies printed all over it. Now it makes me question my taste in fashion but at the time I thought it was great. (It also might make you question my statement that I was a follower of fashion trends, LOL!)

Bonus! I had blue nail polish to match - and I wore it every time I wore this dress. My drafting instructor loved to tease me about my blue fingernails. Of course, as one of only three girls in the drafting class (on the old drafting tables - long before computers), he tease us often, in a fatherly protective way.

Sadly, Bob died six years after this photo was taken when he lost control of his car and drove over a cliff.

(If this story sounds familiar, its because I originally posted it on Patternaholic, Jan. 31, 2007. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been too diligent about keeping up with the posts on that blog. Maybe when the snow flies again...) Pin It


  1. That was the year that Helen Reddy sang "I Am Woman". I can almost hear her roaring at that dress, but I love it! I would have made similar that year, but no ruffles. Not because I didn't like them, I just didn't have the patience. Thanks for the flashback - I have to go turn on the radio to get that song out of my head!

  2. Hi Sharon!!! Another GREAT Flashback!!! OMG... I was so into HH as a girl... STILL have my HH doll and lunchbox too!!!

    Decided on "Favorite "Foto" Friday"... take a peek!

    Lala :o)

  3. Hey now....don't dis the Holly Hobbie--she's got it all! You're adorable, Sheron, no kidding.

    This is sad about your friend--I always look into pictures of people who pass too early and TRY to see something, a sign, idk. It's dumb, I know, but I've always done it.

    And why do you assume the hot blogger comment didn't come from a smokin hot stranger man? It could have, you don't know, Sher!'re right, twas my Johnny Bonny. He's my best. Hope your weekend is filled with creating time! xoxo



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