Friday, September 14, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1968

September in Minnesota means the cold, bitter winds of winter are just around the corner. September days can range from warm and sunny to downright chilly. In fact, today is blustery and cool with frost warnings out for this evening.

I bet it's a lot warmer right now in Seabrook, TX where we lived for a few years when I was a child. I still remember:

  1. the wonderfully warm weather;
  2. the thrill of wading in the gulf;
  3. the fear of the waves dragging me deep into into the waters;
  4. wading through a flooded street wondering if a water snake would bite me;
  5. the older (6th grade) girls protesting the dress code restriction on mini-skirts;
  6. wearing a sweater instead of a coat in mid January;
  7. being laughed at because I talked "funny"; and
  8. the name of my best friend - Sharon Leach - who didn't care that I was a Northerner and talked "funny". I've often wondered what happened to her. We exchanged letters for about five years after my family moved away but eventually we lost touch with one another. (I just googled her and came up with a high school reunion from a school near Houston - it would have been the right graduation year - hmmm, methinks I may try and check it out a bit more....)
It's too bad Sharon wasn't in this class photo as it's the only school photo I have from my years in Texas. It's Mrs. Baker's fourth grade class at Seabrook Elementary School 1967-1968.

I'm the one wearing the adorable girl scout uniform. Oh that's right - there's four of us wearing those uniforms - obviously there was a girl scout meeting after school. At least I hope so, otherwise we were just four girls who liked our green uniforms a little too much.

Remember how you had to line up for your class photo according to height? Barb (blond hair girl scout in the third row) and I were supposed to be on the bottom row because we were two of the shorter girls. I had been standing next to Linda (the girl scout in the front row with the dark brown hair and Barb was standing next to the other girl scout) but the photographer didn't want all of that green in the front row so he split us up.

Can you find me now? Look for the crooked bangs - a trademark of my father - all of my sisters had the same cut :-)

Good thing the names are written in my childish scrawl on the back of this photo so I could remember who was who. Had you fooled didn't I?

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  1. oooh that is sooo cute! the fashion is so different than our today but I think more "childlike"

  2. Hi Sharon!!! GREAT FLASHBACK!!!

    I use to wear my Brownie/GirlScout uniform to school too on "meeting days" (the meetings would be directly after school in the cafeteria)... :o)

    How neat that you and your best friend had the same name... I've never had a friend with the same name as mine... although I seem to be "drawn" to people named Lisa, Karen, and Melissa...

    When we moved from VA to Long Island NY a few years back I would volunteer at my son's school... all the little kids wanted to know if I was a "REAL COWGIRL" because according to them I "talked like a cowgirl"... LOL... I'm still trying to get use to the "northern accents" here... :o)

    Thanks for sharing... Hope you can reconnect with Sharon!!!

    Lala :o)

  3. Sharon, that brought back some fun times--memories of Scouts after school, walking down the sidewalk in a group to the church downtown (small town). Oh, nothing better in the fall when the air fall! xoxo

    I spotted you a mile away before you told me you had it!



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