Sunday, September 02, 2007

A circus wagon, a sock monkey dress, and a baby doll skirt

What do a circus wagon, a sock monkey dress, and a baby doll skirt have in common?

That's easy. They were all on display in the Creative Arts building at the state fair.

My favorite was the hand carved circus wagon pulled by six Clydesdale horses entitled "The Circus is Coming to Town!"

Not just because I like clown stuff but because my very own incredibly talented father (aka Knufie the clown) carved and painted this entire set!

The Circus is Coming to Town!

The Circus is Coming to Town!

I wish you could see the incredible detail in his work. I know he was disappointed to not win a ribbon, especially after this won grand prize at the county fair, but I think it is a wonderful wood carving.

It would have been great to spend some time eavesdropping on people viewing his entry so I could report back to him. But there were other creative items to be seen and a lot of junk food to be eaten, so after snapping a dozen photos or so I was off to see what else I could find.

The sock monkey dresses were on display again. There was also a sock monkey chair.


Monkey Dress 2


On my way to the sewn clothing section I was distracted by some unique fiber art pieces as well as a fantastic vintage apron display.

When I made it to the clothing section, this skirt immediately caught my attention. Look closely at the print on the skirt and then peek at the fringe trim - tiny plastic baby dolls! Bizarre? Yes. Creative? Yes. Wearable? Only if you're the type of person who enjoys conversations with lots of people.



After only four hours the streets filled with a sea of people and we called it a day.

Maybe next year I'll be the one with an item on display in the Creative Arts building. Pin It


  1. Hi Sharon!!! WOW... your Dad is TALENTED!!! Was he allowed to display his 1st place ribbon from the CF with the wagon at the SF? What a neat item to have in the family now!

    OK... can I tell ya... sock monkeys USE to freak me out... but I have actually come to really like them (at arms length)!!!

    That baby doll skirt kinda would freak me out... but definitely a statement! Can't wait to see YOUR entry for next year!

    A lot of the fairs around here went "0 trans fat" this year... *sigh* "fair food" isn't what it use to be!

    Glad you had a fun time!!!

    Lala :o)

  2. Sharon, your father is VERY talented and I would definitely have given him a ribbon. What a great heirloom to have in the family.

    The skirt is odd. I can't imagine walking with those dolls knocking my legs all day. Imagine the bruises. :) I think I'm too practical for such a skirt. LOL! Did the lady also print the dolls on the fabric and make the dolls herself? Or do you think both were bought?

  3. What do a circus wagon, a sock monkey dress, and a baby doll skirt have in common? Well, I'm not sure how exactly the circus wagon fits in, but the sock monkey dress (as well as the other sock monkey items surrounding it) and baby doll skirt were actually made by the same person - me. That's right - you've got a keen eye.

    That skirt is one of my prized possessions. I photographed 2 plastic kewpie doll toys from various angles, created a repeat in photoshop, and applied a half-tone filter, thus giving them the "dot" effect. After which I burnt the image to a screen, and hand silk screened canvas fabric. This fabric was then transformed into an a-line skirt, and certainly was not complete until the baby "fringe" was applied. Look even closer, and you'll notice that the little babies are anatomically correct (and yes, store bought).

    All in all, it's a very comfortable skirt, and it causes little to no bruising.

    And WAY TO GO Knufie the clown - I'm a super fan of circus stuff, and that wagon is incredible....there were quite a few entries worthy of prizes, but all in all I would say that the judging tends to be rather "interesting."

    Best regards,

  4. Sharon, I could SOOOO sit on that sock monkey chair--I need one! I believe EVERY home needs one, what a treasure. I've been hip to sock monkeys since Carol Duvall started showin them. That's been awhile! xoxo

  5. we're from wisconsin, and we were up there last thursday (8/30). we were really impressed with the creative arts building (my dh fell in love with the kayak). lots of great stuff.



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