Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Abby Pupdate


Having this big girl around has really cut into my sewing time. Gaylen commented that I need to teach her to lay down next to me while I sew (which I think will be wonderful when she is older!) but I don't see that happening at the moment. Perhaps I'm just too inexperienced with training a big dog as its been slow going. The puppy training classes begin in less than two weeks and I'm really looking forward to some tips and guidance.

She is about 13 weeks now, weighs more than 20 lbs, and has begun the "chew everything in site" stage. She is slowly learning sit, stay, come, off, and down. Of course she learned "treat" right away!

Sophia and Abby have become quite good buddies. We used to say "oh no, poor Sophia! Abby's chasing her again!" Until we saw Sophia more times than not practically beg Abby to chase her.

When the two of them play in the family room Sophia has a "safe zone" - her little bed. I guess in Sophia's little brain when she jumps into her bed Abby will leave her alone.

Ha! Abby apparently didn't know that rule. After a rousing game of chase, Sophia hopped into her bed for a breather and Abby decided to investigate.

Well, Abby thought that bed looked pretty good so she hopped into it also. The only problem was that Sophia was still in the bed! LOL! You should have seen those two - it was hilarious.

Abby goes in spurts - play, play, play, sleep. You know how puppies are - they play hard and they sleep hard. She's confined to the kitchen when I'm home and not able to keep a close eye on her so a lot of her sleeping is done in that room.

Now do you think that looks very comfortable???

When she is well rested and nice and calm she gets lots of love and affection. We both enjoy it when I rub her belly.

Of course I can't forget the little Sophia. She spends time with me in the sewing room when I do actually find a spare moment or two. She has also discovered one of the safest places to get away from Abby is the back of the sofa as the big girl is not allowed on the furniture.

Now I know that big girl looks all sweet and innocent in these photos but don't let her fool you. She can be one incredible ball of energy and she wears us out. Sometimes I think it would be easier to have Stacey's schedule - and I get tired just reading about everything she accomplishes in one day!

It does look like I'll be doing some sewing for Abby soon - as DH wants her to be dressed in a costume when we hand out candy to the trick and treaters on Halloween. Any ideas?

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  1. Hi Sharon... A big tip for you... be vigilant with the training... constant training and reinforcement of "the rules" with Miss Abbadoo... she'll catch on...

    Also... got any old shoes/slippers? Well... give them to Abby to chew on... that way she'll be less likely to chew other things...

    Good luck with the puppy training... she's a smart breed... so it should go smoothly!

    Hmmmmmmm... How about a jesters collar for her... with bells attached? Will Miss Sophia be in costume also???

    Lala :o)

  2. My tip for you---send me my pink coat soon, lol. My big four oh is on October 3rd....I should have a cyber party or something!

    I think you have the funnest pair of dogs that ever were. Such a contrast, black/white large/small. I'd take either one of them in if you decided you were done (fat chance, right?). Hope you get some sewing done soon--I believe I may re-cut that upside down Halloween bag this weekend. I'm ready to accept my mistake and move on. I don't work harder than you, Sharon, no way. I just talk about it in great detail is all! xoxo

  3. They are so cute! Don't they just make you laugh? I know mine do. It is so funny, every time I lay out fabric to cut out a pattern, at least one (usually two) of mine will decide the fabric looks like a good place to take a nap. Never fails! How can you lay out a pattern with a puppy on your fabric?

  4. Marty8:39 AM

    As an owner of large dogs, to protect your shoes, furniture, etc buy bags of chew sticks. They come in packs of 25 from Wal-Mart for about $10. It really works. Our newest family member, Max, loves his "chewy" and leaves the shoes and furniture alone. My dog, Wickers, who weighed 117 pounds used to sit in my lap when I sewed. At least his head and shoulders were in my lap. He used to drape himself across me when I did my hand sewing covering both sides of the chair. He thought he was a lap dog. Alas, he has gone on to "puppy heaven" along with his brothers Frisky, Pepper & Jasper. Now we just have Max who is about 45 pounds and a ball of energy. He lies down beside me when I sew. We enjoy our naps together and he's a lot of company for me. Good luck on the training.

  5. Abby is so cute! It makes me long for the days when our 1 year old Goldendoodle, Eleanor, was a baby. :) We used hot sauce for chewing when she was going through that stage - she had a thing for chewing on wood (edges of the coffee table, chair legs, etc.) It seemed to work pretty well. The only problem was we would have to reapply frequently to keep it hot enough to keep her away!

  6. I have been trying without success to find an old photo we have of my fiance's dog (who looks alot like Abby) wearing a superman cape! Well it was a old red cloth that we tied around her neck and she ran around the garden with it trailing out behind her. That is... until she got bored and tried to chew it off!! So don't invest too much time in a doggy costume - they don't always appreciate it as much as you do!!!



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