Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The story of the mouse who almost passed out at the fair

Thank you for your well wishes and suggestions for keeping cool while wearing the mouse costume.

Tuesday was the first day appearance and I hadn't had a chance to see your comments before donning the adorable outfit.

I had thought to myself how hard could it be to wear a big ole' furry costume for a half hour? Good grief, it was much worse than I thought it would be.

Fortunately I had an air conditioned place to wait until my appearance. I had a tank top and shorts on underneath and as I was waiting I wasn't too uncomfortable. However, I was still without the head - that was added right before I went outside. As soon as the head went on I could feel the sweat begin to run down my face. Uh, oh...this might not be as easy as I thought it was going to be.

With assistance I walked (with big high steps so I wouldn't trip) to an area where I would be seated. In the sun. I was there less than a minute when I begged them to move me into the shade. In between my attempts to not hyperventilate that is. I still managed to smile and wave! And get this...I'm actually smiling at the kids inside the costume! Like they can even see me, LOL!
Thankfully they helped me move to a more shaded area where I looked around and waved. You can see that I'm losing the overalls, and guess what? You have no way of pulling the straps back up when you have big mouse paws on! My supervisor told me he was wondering how he was going to explain to the kids why the mousie passed out. Then he said he figured when I passed out they would just hold the mouse head up so the kids wouldn't know, LOL!

It was really sweet because most of the kids wanted to hug me! I didn't expect that. However, I only managed to hold on for less than ten minutes - I know, I know. Amateur.

That's okay because I have two more days to get it right. Thursday and Friday. Both expected to be just as hot and humid.

But! Thanks to Kathleen C. who left this comment for me:

When we do heavily costumed characters in our Summer shows we make them pockets on tanks to hold ice packs.
Use something like light weight towelling to make the pockets. Place one at sternum level in front and between your shoulder blades in the back. If it's really bad add pockets on the sides up close to your armpits. It makes a world of difference!
If you haven't much time you could even just pin the pockets on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm ready for tomorrow thanks to the makeshift ice pack holder I just completed.

I'm so glad I know how to sew. And can find my sewing machine (unlike some readers who claim they sew but can't locate their sewing room....hmmm, wonder which fantabulistic blog buddy that could be.) Sorry, I digress, back to the ice pockets.

I took one old kitchen towel, cut it in half, folded it in half and stitched the sides together leaving the top open. I now had two towel pockets. Next I sewed elastic straps using 1" wide elastic. Lastly, I added velcro at the bottom of the pockets to pull the pockets in tight against my body. My hubby suggested that one. He works outside and they have cooler vests for the guys on these super hot and muggy days.

It may not look all that pretty but I'm taking Kathleen's word for it that it will make all the difference in the world.

Speaking of heat, this little one doesn't seem to mind it too much. I caught her as she was coming indoors after rolling on something in the yard. She doesn't look like such a sweet little thing at the moment does she?

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  1. Okay Missy, okay. I hear you and come back tomorrow; know I've said it before but this time, I mean business. You'll be sorry you doubted that I have a fantabulistic little room down there in the corner. Somewhere. Downstairs. I think.

    You're so dang cute up there, I wanna hug you myself! And Sharon, I can tell you're smiling despite it all, so keep on smiling! xo

  2. You are a very cute mouse but be careful! Glad you have the ice pack rig now. I can't believe you are doing this in the heat.

  3. Sharon... I'll be sending you cooling vibes! And glad you rigged something up... hope it helps!!! You ARE a sweet mouse... how nice all the kiddies wanted to squeeze ya! Let us know how the rigging works... OH... Sophia... stop rolling in the yard! Just like our LAB ABBIE... :o) Lala :o)



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