Sunday, August 19, 2007

Simplicity 4412 Pink Jacket (and puppy update)

It's done! It's done! The pink jacket is really done!

I wonder if the UFO contest at PR includes a category for finished a UFO that had the least amount of work left to be done? I'm asking because I could possibly win with this jacket. It has been worn by GiGi for the past few months awaiting two buttons and snaps. Yes, that's right - two buttons and two sets of snaps were all that was needed to complete this jacket.

The jacket was begun last April becauseI wanted a nice pink spring jacket. At that time all I needed to do was set in the sleeves and add the covered buttons and snaps.

Eventually the sleeves were set in and the buttons were covered. I even managed to sew tow of them on...and that's where the work ended. Spring became summer and my sewing attention wandered to other projects. The jacket was set it aside; probably a bad decision knowing my tendency to not complete projects once I set them aside.

However, knowing I would have limited sewing time this weekend (due to new puppy - see the end of this post) I figured it was time for this jacket to leave GiGi and find a new home in my closet.

The jacket was sewn using Simplicity 4412 - out of print (oop) - c. 2006, view c (the green one on the envelope cover).
Instead of contrasting fabric for the collar and buttons I used the reverse side of the fabric for a subtle difference.
The jacket construction is fast and straightforward. The only problem I encountered was easing in the sleeve cap and that was likely due to my fabric choice. While I purchased it off of a bolt in the clearance section of Joann's, it is a bit heavier - almost like a home dec.

The jacket fits well and while I originally thought I'd sew another for the fall season, there are too many new jacket pattern releases that have piqued my interest.

New Puppy
So why was my sewing time so limited? Because of the adorable new puppy that joined our household on Saturday!

DH decided on the name Abby. As you might imagine, she was a bit nervous yesterday after we brought her home. Sophia didn't warm up to her and wasn't sure what to think of her.

We set up areas with nice soft doggy beds for Abby in the family room, our bedroom, and the lower level where her kennel is located. She decided the space underneath the coffee table in the family room was the perfect spot to hang out.

At one point Sophia wanted to get down off of the couch but Abby had maneuvered her way out from underneath the table and was blocking the bottom of the stairs. Sophia actually stayed in the position of this photo until Abby moved. Goofy dogs :-)

Last night was a really rough night. We are *not* going to have a 80 lb dog sleeping on the bed with us, so we set her up in the bathroom attached to our bedroom. Nice bed, newspaper, treat, radio, DH's shirt...everything we could think of to help her with her first night with us.

We expected crying, but we didn't expect *loud* crying combined with barking and howling. Non-stop for at least 15 minutes. Then settling into a whimper with an occasional howl. Finally, quiet.

Until she heard DH stir about 3 a.m. Then she began in full force. DH got up and took her outside and brought her back to her sleeping area. Where she cried, barked, and howled for two hours before DH said he was just going to get up with her.

The two dogs are getting along better today. Sophia still is a bit unsure of Abby. We've been watching Abby very closely but we've already had a few accidents, which is to be expected. That's what Nature's Miracle is for.

We realized we need to confine her more than we had on day one, so the stairs leading up are blocked with a child gate and DH pulled out a sheet of plywood and blocked off the living room. As you can see, we're not too sure how many days before she figures out that she can pull herself right over that board.
Even with three sleeping areas available to her she has chosen the wood floor as her place to plop ( and plop she does!).

We're hoping for a better night tonight - perhaps not so long with the crying, although I'd settle for quieter howling.

Patisjean - I took your advice and will be picking up a copy of Cesar's book from the library tomorrow. Pin It


  1. Your jacket is VERY cute!!!!!

  2. What a cute puppy!!

    When my other half got his new puppy, he spent the first night sleeping with her on the kitchen floor cos she cried so much! I promise it did get better after that!! His dog is a black lab/spaniel mix so just the right blend of enthusiastic, stupid and loving.

  3. Abby is so cute! Puppyhood is a challenge. That's why we opted to adopt an grown-up dog. It's going to be fun!

  4. Sharon - my Abby was an absolute terror as a puppy! Didn't sleep all night until she was 5 months old! For the record - Beau & Lucy still don't know that they can just step over the baby gates and they are 4! Have fun with your Miss Abby :} g

  5. HI Sharon... We have an ABBIE too!!! :o) OK... since she is a LAB/NEWFIE mix... she is inherantly a very SOCIAL dog... (we had the same approach with ours in the beginning...) but our vet told us that they NEED to be around others/people (it's just in the breed)... we allowed her to sleep IN our room (on a dogbed) and she did MUCH better... they don't like to be isolated alone...when we would leave the house (when she was a puppy) we would close her in her kennel... it prevented "accidents" in the house and for safety too... I worked with her from the day we got her on "manners"... sh'es not a jumper or "crotch sniffer" wehn company comes... yep... doesn't surprise me about laying on the bare floor (probably the coolest place for her)... SHE IS ADORABLE!!! Sophia is hilarious... don't be surprised... she'll let your Abby know who is "boss"... :o)

    LOVE the jacket... VERY "Jackie-O"ish to me... using the reverse of the fabric was CLEVER!!!

    Lala :o)

  6. That jacket is really cute and the new puppy is adorable!

  7. Fabulous!!! Love your new jacket (and the new puppy looks adorable too!)!

  8. You, Sharon, are a certified dog person, no doubt. Was that a ramp that went to the couch? So help me with this....while we try in vain to keep old Louie off the couch, YOU are putting a ramp up to HELP? Oh gosh, I should worry that if Louie ever gets wind of this he's gonna run to you. As fast as an about 12 or 13 year old Bassett Hound on three inch legs can possibly run, that is! xoxo

    PS--I'm going over to PR right now, I still have my membership, I'm gonna vote!

  9. Wow, I love, *love* your jacket!! Perfect details. What a great job you did!



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