Monday, August 27, 2007

Sharon Sews - Anime Style

I met a very talented fourteen-year-old artist at my church. When I saw some of her sketches I asked if she'd be willing to draw a sewing character for me. For a modest fee she drew a one-of-a kind Anime style character for me. She is one talented young lady.

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  1. Hi Sharon! Wow... That is one talented teen! Anime is VERY POPULAR... I never realized how much... my oldest has been an ANIME fan for a LONG time... Lucky you to get a OOAK character! She did a GREAT job!

    Lala :o)

  2. She is fanTAStic, Sharon! Wow! Okay now I need to think of an anime for me...which hat would I wear? Pshh...crazy momma with a cup of coffee in one hand and clothespins holding my eyelids open? Your friend is quite good.

    No PR because then I'd have to show where I put the inside pockets farrr too low on the inside (still don't know what happened with that!) and we all know that on PR, it really means "perfect review"! xoxo

  3. 14?? Wow! She is very talented! You'll have to keep that up on your blog--it's great!

  4. I love the wrist pincushion.

  5. What a talented young lady!!



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