Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayers please! For everyone involved in the bridge collapse in Minneapolis

Breaking news in my city - a freeway bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River during the height of the afternoon rush hour.

The breaking news burst onto the television screen as we were preparing dinner. When we realized it was the bridge near my son and his girlfriend's house my heart stopped. I immediately called my son and after only two tries (cell phone circuits were already getting overloaded) was able to reach him. He confirmed that his girlfriend drives over that bridge ever day, said he had just spoken to her earlier, but would call her and call me right back. She is fine also - but a bit shaken as she had crossed the bridge ten minutes before the collapse.

I can't even describe what it is like to view on television a bridge that I have travelled across many many times twisted, collapsed and partially submerged in the river.

They are already interviewing survivors. If you view the coverage you'll see a school bus on the bridge - from all of the reports so far every one of the children on that bus are safe.

DH and I can't seem to pull ourselves away from the television. The only help we can provide is prayer. Prayer for anyone who might still be trapped, prayer for family members of possible victims, prayer for the rescue workers, prayer that the predicted thunderstorms hold off to rescue efforts can continue. Please join me.

CNN coverage

ABC news coverage

Fox news coverage

Local newspaper coverage Pin It


  1. Oh, this is just so horrible! I heard about it as I was driving home from the office and have been following the story ever since. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone in the Twin Cities.

  2. Sharon:
    I was horrified to hear about this. I have always had a fear of being on a bridge when it collapses. Many prayers for those impacted.

  3. I just heard this, I'm stunned, Sharon. I am very greatful your family is okay, I will stop and pray for all who have been affected. I very much hope you didn't lose anyone you knew. ((hugs))

  4. Like everyone else, I am just stunned and can't move away from the TV, and I'm in CA. My prayers are with you all, and my admiration is for the calm and professionalism of everyone involved.

    (Sorry if I waited for tragedy to comment...)

  5. Anonymous2:07 AM

    I stopped and prayed. I had not heard of this, I don't generally listen to the news because of the young ones. Thanks for posting so we can pray. God bless

  6. OMG, this is terrible...

  7. This is a horror. Warm thoughts are with you all.



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