Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Look 6688 Toddler Dress Review

What a sweet little dress pattern! My friend, A (the friend I did the bridesmaid's gown alteration for) wanted a flower girl dress for her one-year-old daughter.

Now A does not know how to sew, but she wants to learn. Quite a few months ago, we spent an evening going over some sewing basics and she did sew a pillowcase that evening. That's the extent of her sewing knowledge.

Her plan was to learn to sew by sewing her daughter's flower girl dress. She went to the fabric store and purchased a cute little sundress pattern marked "Easy". She showed it to me, I looked at the cover photo, said "yea, sure, I can help you sew that one", and helped her determine how much fabric to purchase.

The fun began when she arrived for her sewing lesson.

Now remember, the pattern is marked "EASY". And it is easy ... if you think that sewing a size 1/2 sundress with a complete lining, a side zipper and tulle underskirt is easy. Not exactly encouraging for a beginning sewer.

However, she persevered and did a great job on the dress. She sat at the machine and I walked her through the pattern instructions. She sewed the bodice and skirt pieces together - both the dress and the lining - and added the lining to the dress.

At that point she asked if I would finish the dress for her. I added a bias binding to finish the armholes, put in the side zipper, added the trim, and sewed the hems. Honestly, even I wouldn't choose to sew in a side zipper on a teeny tiny little toddler dress.

The skirt is very full, the pattern states that is measures 78 inches at the bottom. The lining, a white cotton batiste, is hemmed separately from the dress. We choose to leave the tulle underskirt portion off of the dress, mainly because I didn't have any tulle on hand and didn't want to waste my time running to the fabric store. My friend didn't care one way or the other.

Now A's daughter is very tiny. So tiny that the size 1/2 bodice was too large. Rather than take the lining out and redo the bodice, we took tucks at the shoulder seams, tacked them in place, and hand sewed a ribbon flower over the tuck. It matches the trim on the dress.

I wouldn't recommend this pattern if you're looking for an easy dress pattern as it is a bit tedious for a little sundress.

However, the end result is adorable and that little one will look absolutely precious as a flower girl toddling down the aisle.

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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  2. Marty7:15 PM

    What a precious friend you are to help out with this dress and the alterations for the mother's dress.

  3. You are what Marty said--precious. Beautiful job as always.

    And...I did pick you! Well...the random.org people did. You're gonna hear White Trash Beautiful over and over and over soon. Email me your address and I'll get it out ASAP!



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