Monday, August 20, 2007

McCall's 5276 Swing Jacket (and more puppy news)

Before I get to the sewing project I want to say thanks for the puppy advice. The review for the jacket from McCall's 4276 is at the bottom if you want to skip the puppy news.

Replying to puppy comments and advice

x.Helen.x - that's so funny that he slept on the floor with the new puppy! Believe me, it's tempting :-0)]

Patty - Jake is adorable and while I wanted a grown-up dog, DH had his heart set on a puppy

Gaylen - oh no! 5 mos of this would be terrible! I love that Beau and Lucy haven't figured out that they can step over the baby gates.

Lala - I think Abby must be a popular dog name. Yes, she is very social - already wants to be around us all the time. Just walks into whatever room we move into and plops. We want to move her into our room on a dog bed but are concerned that she will get up and "do her business" without us waking up to let her out. We'll see how it goes tonight. We are keeping the bathroom door open and gating it and our bed is close to the door. We're already working on "manners" and will get her in obedience training as soon as we can.

Stacey - Yep, you called that one right. Little Sophia has stairs going up to the couch. Sophia never figured out that she can jump on furniture and we got tired of her begging to be picked up so we bought the stairs. Just don't show Louie the picture and he'll never know that doggie ramps exist!

Sewing - McCall's 5276

This past weekend I did manage to accomplish more than just sewing on two buttons and two sets of snaps. Working in 10 to 15 minute increments (ala Nancy Zieman) both Saturday and Sunday, I was able to complete this jacket from McCall's 5276.

The brown fabric was used to test the pattern. I purchased this wild linen fabric from FabricClub and I wanted to make sure I liked the jacket before cutting into the zebra print.

The jacket is view b with no alterations. There is a lot of ease in the jacket so I wanted to see how if I could get by without an FBA.

It's a very simple jacket to construct. The only difficulty I ran into was sewing the collar on. I have always struggled with this type of collar construction. The instructions say to sew the front opening and label edges to the upper circles and to sew collar edges together between the circles. When I don't sew one continuous seam I have a hard time getting the corner where the collar and label meet to lay smoothly. You'd think after all these years I would have that mastered but I don't. As always, I'm open to tips and hints for improvement...

The jacket is quite full and has a swing shape accentuated with a back inverted pleat. On me, the back hangs lower than the front. It might be because I did not do an FBA and thus did not add any length to the front of the jacket. I actually like the length of the jacket in the front better than the back as the back hits me at the widest part of my hip.

For a wearable muslin it's a keeper and while I like the jacket I'm not in love with it. I think I'm going to choose another jacket pattern for the linen zebra print and look for a fun retro print for my second version of this jacket - something like this one. Pin It


  1. I think your jacket turned out great. I SOOOOO love that zebra print fabric. It would even look good made into the Simplicity 4699 jacket you made.

  2. That jacket is going to look great in that zebra print!

  3. Sharon... LOVE the jacket! I think the zebra would look good in the longer version you did recently (4699)? Thanks for the response to our comments! Hope Abby settles in soon... is that a nylabone she has in the pic? STILL RAINING here... thinking I may need to build an ark... LOL... Lala :o)

  4. Beautiful jacket! You've been busy while I was away. Your puppy is too cute. :)

  5. Your jacket looks great! I like all animal prints. I agree the zebra print would look good in the S4699. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  6. Do you sleep? Hmmm...well, Sharon, I do have a suggestion. The zebra print should only be worn with a martini and never with a glass of wine. (does it help) I know, doesn't beg a response, lol.

    Too late, Louie already done seen that ramp and now he needs to know what Sophia thinks of him...but he insists he needs to move in with HER, she's got better 'stuff'! xo

  7. thanks for the info about this jacket, its a good thing you didn't use you beautiful fabric for it, but it looks pretty and comfortable, I hope you get a lot of wear and compliments from the linen muslin you made.



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