Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Look who's coming to dinner - a new puppy

Look who's coming to dinner and breakfast and everything in between - a little bundle of black fur with no name. This little bundle of black fur will join our household this weekend.

She's seven weeks old and we found her through a local no-kill pet shelter. The puppies weren't planned and their mom's owners didn't want them. They were going to get rid of them "any way possible". Fortunately someone rescued them and brought them to the no-kill shelter. One of her sister's was adopted earlier this week and one is still waiting to be adopted, but I'm sure it won't take long. She was just as cute!

She's a black lab mix - the mom was a black lab and the dad "was the sneaky neighbor dog that was big". They think he might have been a newfie or newfie mix. Take a peek at her paws! She's going to be a really big girl when she's full grown. Hopefully she will end up being a gentle giant.

For now we are looking forward to bringing her home and deciding on a name!
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  1. OH SHARON... How ADORABLE and lucky that little pup is to have SOPHIA as a sister!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! We have a Yellow ENGLISH Labrador... Abbie... she is WONDERFUL!!! What a nice mix too... lab and newfie... I so want a Newfie... we have friends that have 3 of them... they all have their OWN couches to sleep on in the basement (where it is COOL)... CONGRATS to you ALL!... I am partial to "Louise" or maybe "Mimi" as names...

    Lala :o)

  2. What a cute pup! I can't wait to hear what you name her.

  3. How cute! Hope she stays cute so that she doesn't get into too much trouble when shewing your favorite shoes! LOL!

  4. You are so lucky - what a sweetie pie! I can't wait to see her growing up.

  5. SO CUTE! I'm sure she'll be tons of fun (and a good snuggle buddy).

  6. Your new puppy is adorable. She looks like she will be such lively fun and Sophia will have someone of her own kind to play with; very important for a dog.
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    The easy to read information in the book will help you become a calm-assertive pack leader and your dogs calm-submissive pack members (HAPPY DOGS- quite releaved of the anxiety of having to be a pack leader even though they don't want to be. "What a relief" they are thinking.) I learned, unfortunately, how I was actually encouraging fear and anxiety and the resultant behavior. Cesar does not believe in punishment, just correction. Cesar's formula is Exercise (50%), Discipline (25%) and Affection (25%-when they are calm is the best time). Cesar talks a lot about how we screw up our dogs and how we can fix them. I bought my copy at a B&M store, but I am sure you can find it on-line, at Amazon perhaps.

  7. Sharon, she is amazing! Look at the beautiful beautiful black fur on her! What good fortune to find this one. I love adoption stories--all three of our kitties were shelter kitties and our Basset (old Louie!) was 9 when we got him from a Basset rescue. So I completely appreciate pet adoptions--there aren't enough Sharons to go round! xoxo

  8. Oh - now you'll have all colors of fur to get on your clothes! She is beautiful. Give her a people name, the one you would have named a daughter had you had one with your hubby :) That's what I did. I may have to go get the book that PatsJean recommended. g

  9. OH!! I used to have a newfie-lab mix dog. He was such a big sweetie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the opportunity to check out yours!



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