Thursday, August 30, 2007

Links, Links and more Links (and a what are they thinking?)

Links, Links and more Links
Vicki (Field Trips in Fiber) posted a link to an online subscription based magazine Fibre & Stitch. I checked it out and wasn't able to see a sample issue but I did discover a page of freebies! Check it out - 16 great project ideas.

Diann created the cutest crate cover for her Westies - definitely a fashion statement. (I better not let Sophia the spoiled Maltese see the photos or she will want one.)

Want a chance to participate in a low-sew (or no-sew) Sewing Seeds project? Last year, Randi (I Have to Say) collected 125 skirts to donate to the girls in the orphanage and now its the boy's turn. She is requesting boys shorts for ages one to eight living in an orphanage in Africa. Here's the details.

Aren't these the most adorable Halloween tags? I especially like the bingo card one, and I'm not even a big fan of Halloween. (You know, I never thought I'd use the word adorable and Halloween in the same sentence.)

I sure love this line of fabrics from Anna Maria Horner. I don't think it will be too far off into the future that some of these find their way into my stash. Be sure to check out the Flickr group photos too.

Aimee wrote about this form of exercise. I gotta tell ya, when I was ten I ruled as the hula-hoop queen!

What are they thinking?
Did you read that New York City is looking at requiring photography permits and insurance for anyone taking photos on city sidewalks or other public locations for longer than 30 minutes, or ten minutes for groups of five or more people using a tripod. Huh? That sounds pretty short-sighted to me. The article states that the permits and restrictions are not intended for tourists or amateur photographers but the whole thing sounds pretty silly to me. Hopefully this will die a quick and quiet death, but in the meantime when I visit NY I better snap my photos of quickly and discreetly. Pin It


  1. They are thinking terrorist protection...I know to everyone else in the country we NYers seem a little crazed about some of our protections but we all lived through those buildings falling down and the anniversary is coming up soon!

    Me personally, I hope they charge a lot of money for those permits - one- tourists forget that we NYers are rushing because we have to get to and from work and two - please understand this and realize that I don't mean to sound racist (hey I'm black so I should get a pass! LOL*) but I honestly am nervous when someone of Arab descent is taking a picture of a landmark! Who knows when its going to come toppling down! And I know that not all people of Arab descent want that to happen, but I was stuck on the island that day and there is some fear attached.

    Wow! Way more than I meant to say...if you want to delete this Sharon please feel free...

  2. Carolyn - I'm so glad you posted a response! Honestly, I never even thought about it from that perspective! If I thought people were taking photos in my large hometown city for terroristic reasons, I would feel the very same way you do.

    Just goes to show how an news article can be interpreted one way but there are many other layers not being exposed.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my tags on your blog! What a nice surprise!

  4. Thanks for the link to the crate covers! I think your precious Maltese needs one. All three of my pups take turns sleeping in that thing all day long!

    BTW, did you ever decide what to make with your fabulous zebra print material?



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