Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flashback Friday - August 1968

Whew, today was another hot day. Hot, hot, hot.

Not just hot, but sticky, steamy, humid, I can hardly breathe, hot.

I'm sure it was hot and sticky the summer of 1968, but it didn't bother us much. That's because the heat and humidity was much higher in the state we left behind for the week. We traveled from Seabrook, Texas to Minnesota for a family wedding ... probably in a car ... all five of us ... with no air conditioning. And look! We're still smiling!

Of course those smiles could be from the great meal my grandmother cooked for us. Here's some of the family seated around the dining room table. We're all wearing our nice Texas tans, smiling our big Texas smiles, and sprinkling our conversations with y'all. It's amazing how quickly one can adopt a Southern drawl.

I'm in the bottom right corner. The one with the short pixie hair cut wearing green. Ugh, I rarely wear green as it gives me that non-so-flattering-green alien glow, but I guess I didn't care so much about that then. My sister Sue is the one on the left in the back with the gorgeous big brown eyes and long brown flowing hair. Oh how I envied her big eyes and beautiful long hair *sigh*

The young blond woman you can barely see in the back is the aunt who introduced sewing to my sister Sue and I a few years earlier when she began dating my uncle. Their wedding is the reason we were there.

I've always credited that aunt with my introduction to sewing and have said that my mother did not sew. That isn't exactly a true statement. She must have known a little bit about sewing because she owned a sewing machine and when we lived in Texas she sewed a few small stuffed animals and pajama bags.

I remember she made those items when we were living in Texas because my siblings and I loaded up a shopping cart and went door to door trying to sell them. Don't recall if we were successful or not and for the life of me I can't recall why we did that. Maybe if Sue's reading this she'll shoot me an email and refresh my memory. After all she *is* younger - (only by 11 months so don't start with the "old" jokes, LOL!)

I purchased one of the patterns a few years ago - Simplicity 7367, c. 1967, because it reminded me of the short time we lived in Texas.

The other, Simplicity 5767, c. 1964, I found in my stash. The directions are long gone but the pieces are still there.
Plus I have a souvenir of my children learning to print and use a pen. Isn't that sweet? Much sweeter than the time they used crayons to color the entire hallway wall. Well, not quite all of the wall. Only as high as they could reach with their outstretched arms.

Of course, as a child I *never* used a pen to write on something I wasn't supposed to. I just used the pen to poke holes in brand new pieces of furniture. Or at least that's what I've been told :-) Pin It


  1. Another great Flashback Friday :)

  2. Sharon! You are beautiful! Look at your amazing dark skin, your beautiful eyes---what are you talking about? Nobody I know had anything on you. Well, I was cute, but yeah...

    Okay, it's not yesterday anymore (past midnight) but I have something very very special over at my blog just for YOU YOU YOU! Because I adore you that much! xoxoxo

  3. Such fun stuffies patterns! What a great souvenir.

  4. Hey Sharon!!! Transplanted to the North recently from the South... went back last weekend... took me about 3 seconds to "recall my drawl"... LOL... LOVED hearing others who "talk like a cowgirl" (that's what the folks around here tell me)... :o) OMG... I so had a pixie too growing up... and have one now too... LOVE it! I LOVE your flashback Fridays! How cute about your kids and the wall... would that be an early form of faux finishing? :o)

    BTW... STILL HOT HOT HOT and HUMID HUMID HUMID here... but hopefully relief over the weekend!

    Lala :o)

  5. Sharon I really enjoyed reading this trip down memory lane. I colored the entire sign of a white barn playing "teacher" once. Dad had our house on the market. I was sitting in a tree watching my him and the realtor come around the corner. She shrieked when she saw my mural. I started to shake thinking I was in big trouble. He laughed and said "my little artist" hee hee Later he took out the roller and just rolled over my pictures. It was great having an artist for a dad.

  6. Sharon! Where are you???



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