Friday, August 31, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1983

Back to School 1983

The first day of school. DD clutches her lunch box and smiles while showing off the poodle on her new school skirt. I sewed the skirt for her along with her knit top. All the girls in her class wanted one of those poodle skirts!

DS is standing at attention holding his lunch box and wearing his new pack pack. He's not wearing anything that I had sewn because he was already becoming a bit fashion conscious and only wanted store-bought clothing.

It seems as if it was only yesterday when I was sending them off to their first day at first grade (DD) and kindergarten (DS). Where oh where does the time go?

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  1. What a lucky little lady to have a momma who sews like you do! I can only imagine your children wore beautiful one-of-a-kind clothes when they were small.


  2. Stacey - I also like to imagine that my children wore beautiful one-of-a-kind clothes when they were small, LOL! Truth be told they sometimes had OOAK handsewn clothes and many other times they had clothes from the local outlet stores :-)

  3. Ah well I'm in good company then, no? Niki & Cody owned precious few clothes when they were smaller--and what a great life we had then. Much simpler I think. I'm nearing ready to sell all and return to a simpler time. Seriously.

    Returned to tell you last night I poked around and cut out a bag from Halloween fabric I purchased last year. UPSIDE DOWNNN!!! ARRR!!! You would not approve of my skills, I'm sure!

  4. Hi Sharon! LOVE the Flashback! We started KINDERGARTEN this week (Wednesday)... all went GREAT... unfortunately (or as my husband beleives FORTUNATELY) my daughter wears a uniform... BUT... I THINK she is going to be a 50s girl for Halloween after seeing THAT FABULOUS skirt!!! :o) Lala :o)

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