Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crafty Planet and other cool, crafty, and creative stuff

Thanks for the well-wishes on the new puppy! We're excited and a bit nervous about puppy training all over again. We have a lower level that is cool and mostly unfinished so we'll be able to get her set up nicely in that space. Her foster mom has spent time with her getting her on a feeding and "go outside" schedule so that will help.

Now, back to sewing and crafting...

I can't believe I found out about Crafty Planet by reading a post at A Dress A Day when the shop is practically in my back yard!!! You know I'll be visiting Crafty Planet in the near future. I promise to take my camera and tell you all about it okay?

If I knew how to knit I'd be busy making this iPhone as a gift. I saw it on a library blog Sources of Inspiration.

This idea I know I can handle. An unbelievably beautiful "BELIEVE" wall hanging covered in Amy Butler scrapbook papers. I love the look of the words as well as the reason she choose to do that word. Check it out - it's at Diann's Full Life.

Another idea I'll be using from Diann's Full Life will benefit the Sophia, the little white dog - Prissy Personalized Pet Collars. Perfect for the spoiled little princess in my life!

Plan on spending a bit of time browsing through her blog as it is filled with wonderfully creative ideas - some sewing, some not. It's one of my new daily must reads.

For you dog lovers, here's another cute and quick idea for dressing up your pooch - recycle a knit hat or sweater into a little doggie sweater! From Pretty Little Things. There's also a tutorial for a pet bed on the site. Since we adopted one of the rescue puppies we looked at last night (because you know you can't just "look" at a puppy), it appears that I'll have need for another pet bed in the very near future.

I missed this swap, but I sooooo wanted to participate! Crafting by Candlelight had an Art Doll Hat Swap last July. As tempted as I was to sign up for this one, I knew I wouldn't be able to complete one in time. Instead I've been reading her blog and enjoying the photos she has shared of a number of the Art Doll Hats. There's a tutorial for making an Art Doll Hat at ARTchix Studio.

For a quick, no-sew project, check out the jersey scarf instructions at Altered Cloth.

Finally, if you're feeling competitively creative, check out the fun contest Funky Art Queen is having. All you have to do is answer the question she poses "What is the definition of "you?" by creating a self-portrait in any media you want - fabric, paint, photo, or the written word. You have until Aug. 31.

**** EDITED ****

I almost forgot to add information on this giveaway at The Apronista!
The prize is a wonderful set of apron postcards from Jane's Aprons. If you haven't visited that blog yet be prepared to feast your eyes on artistic creations using old patterns and sewing art. You'll have to hurry with this one as the ending date is tomorrow!
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  1. Woah! Just went through MOST of your links--I'm ready to CRAFT again! Thanks for getting me excited! I really loved the decoupage--I haven't done that in years, but now, I think my daugher would like this project! Great post. xo

  2. First of all, LOVE your new pup! I so love all animals but especially sweet dogs. Thank you so much for dropping by and then sharing what I've been up to on your blog! I had no idea there were so many great crafting blogs out there. I saw the jersey scarf on Altered Cloth. She always has great tutorials.

    Good luck on the puppy house training!

  3. a new puppy and great links! i am hooked on crafty planet now. :)



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