Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yet another skirt sewn from McCall's 5330

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I'm on a roll with McCall's 5330 skirt pattern. Four skirts have been added to my wardrobe using this pattern - and all four of them were sewn using remnants.

Using remnants is possible with this simple slim skirt as each view takes less than one yard of 60" wide fabric for sizes up to 18 (which is the largest size for this pattern.)

This latest skirt is view B, the one I had decided not to waste my time on as I was sure it wouldn't look good on me. I decided if I could find a suitable piece of fabric in my remnant stash I would give this one a try also.

The skirt has a waist yoke, three inverted pleats in the front, darts in the back, a small walking slit in the center back seam, and a skirt shape that is full through the hip narrowing at the hemline.

Surprise! I love the shape! I honestly did not thing I would and was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. However, I'm not certain what to pair it with which is why you're seeing the skirt on G.G. instead of on me. With this shape I'm not sure what to put on top. Should it be worn with a jacket? Or just a tee? A blouse? I really don't know...any suggestions?

The fabric I choose is somewhat soft and drapey and I'm sure that helped with the overall appearance of the skirt. A heavier fabric would cause the skirt to hang away from the body and look stiff.

I made two changes to the pattern - I added lining and I decreased the width by 1/2 inch at the hipline so my skirt does not curve quite as much as the pattern was designed to.

Yet another simple to sew skirt requiring only a few hours. Perhaps I should consider sewing some skirts from this pattern in a color other than black... Pin It


  1. Love the shape of that skirt. I'd pair it with anything that tucks in - blouse, knit top. But not with anything flowy - tuniclike, or babydoll.
    I do think the miss moneypenny blouse from HP might look good though.
    And it could def take a jacket.
    my two cents. ;)

  2. Another fabulous skirt. I agree with Marji that the top needs to have a slim line. I do think you can get away with a top that doesn't tuck in, as long as it it is fitted through the abdomen, waist and upper hip. Take a look at V2983 for a great jacket to pair with a skirt just like yours.

  3. Sharon ~ I love all three versions you've made of this skirt! TNT yeah!!!! Now have you thought about how you would use this for fall?! Then it would really be a TNT pattern. Oh and for a top how about a white twinset ~ the tank or top would be closely fitted and the cardigan would provide warmth.

  4. This skirt looks great! I agree with Marji about pairing it with anything that tucks in.

  5. /anne...2:01 AM

    I'd either wear something fairly fitted tucked in, maybe with a belt; or a sleek lycra blend top with a scoop neck, finishing at the high hip.

    I've thought about getting this skirt - looks great!

  6. Hi Sharon! Love the shape of this skirt and I am a little "curvy" below the waist... so this would be right up my alley... I am thinking a nice crisp white blouse with maybe some decorative buttons (to glam it up)... very pretty! Lala :o)



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