Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vogue 8386 dress review

Blame it on Stacy. She started it. I saw the photo of her modeling the dress on her blog and I seriously considered sewing one for myself. Then, as I was browsing Patternreview, I came across a review for the dress by Leslie in Austin who altered the bodice to provide more coverage and included a photo of the alteration.

Well, that was it. I rushed to Joann's one hour before the sale ended to purchase Vogue 8386 so I could sew myself one of these lovely dresses. Never mind I have no where to wear it, I'll worry about that later.

Reviewers indicated that this dress was easy to sew and it was. Believe me I needed an instant gratification sewing project after my disappointing experience with McCall's 5316 (more on that in a day or two...I need time to get over my frustration).

I cut the dress out this morning and was able to sew most of it before family arrived mid-afternoon for my birthday cook-out. Well, it also helped that my darling husband took it upon himself to get the house and food ready for our afternoon entertaining. Isn't he a sweetie? After the crowd went home and the kitchen was cleaned up, I sat down at the sewing machine to complete the dress.

I did an FBA on the bodice pattern piece and raised the neckline slightly. My altered pattern piece is underneath the tissue pattern piece.You can see that the neckline was raised very slightly and that the FBA also lowered the bust point. Without this alteration, the under bust seam on this dress would not have fit me where it was supposed to.

Even with my alteration the neckline on the dress was too wide and too revealing. I ended up crossing the front pieces over one another almost two inches, with is more than the pattern instructions call for.

The alteration worked well as the neckline and bodice fits well.

I remember reading on Stacy's review that she thought some of her seams were bulky because of her fabric choice. I didn't understand what she meant until I began constructing the dress myself.

The gathers underneath the bust combined with the gathering of the center front skirt panel could create a bit of bulk if the knit being used is not thin and fluid. In the photo below the red lines and arrow show the amount of gathers required in a small amount of space.

For some reason a zipper is called for on this pattern. With the low front neckline and the stretchiness of this knit a zipper was not needed.

The dress was hemmed on the machine using my typical method of hemming knits. Maybe someday I'll learn how to use the cover hem feature on my serger, but until then I'll continue to hem my knits this way.

I iron Lite Steam-A-Seam on the wrong side of the bottom of the hem, peel off the paper backing, turn the hem up and press in place.

Then, using a stretch stitch on my machine I stitch the hem in place.

For some reason it didn't work as well as usual on this dress. The hem has a very slight wave to it. Hopefully the movement of the lightweight knit will disguise the slightly wavy hem.

All I have left to say is, "Honey? Where are you taking me to dinner?..."

"...and maybe a little dancing after dinner!"

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  1. Happy Birthday - sounds like you had a wonderful day. This dress looks great on you - very flattering!

  2. That fit is great and I love that print!

  3. Wear that dress!! It is wonderful. I'm getting out that pattern right now.

  4. Sexy! I love it on you!

  5. Gorgeous !!! Your dress is very stylish. I have this pattern and will be sewing this dress when our winter DownUnder is over.

  6. Sharon the dress is great! I can't believe you sewed it in a day. I worked on a little cosmetic bag all day and I am still not done, more in fustration than anything. Well Done!

  7. Sharon, your dress is BEAUTIFUL! Well done!

  8. That dress turned out great! And you look terrific in it. Dinner and dancing for sure!

  9. Love this dress!

  10. Oh, that dress looks great! You'll definitely be getting looks on the dance floor!!!

  11. Your dress looks wonderful!

  12. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Lovely! thank you for showing your altered pattern piece! I'm still figuring out FBA's...


    Masouma Rose

  13. Your dress is gorgeous! Definitely worth dinner out and some dancing too.

  14. Oh you look amazing here! I cannot wait to hear where your husband (who btw, really is a sweetheart, sounds like) takes you. Hope you get photos of you both (although he will NOT be looking at a camera with you in that dress)!

  15. Coming out of lurkdom to say your dress is gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  16. What a beautiful dress! It fits you perfectly.

  17. The birthday I refer to isn't until October 3! It'll be my grand entrance into 40, lol. Don't worry, Sharon, there is PLENTY of time to finish that pink jacket for me.

    You have to put a copy of your Schmoozer Award on the side of your blog--it's the law. You don't have to choose anyone, but you must show it off. xoxoxo

  18. That is a wonderful dress, but why wait to go to dinner? Just wear it because you look and feel great in it!

  19. Absolutely beautiful dress!
    I also saw Stacy's review of this and might have to add it to my wish list.

  20. Sharon - the dress is stunning on you and I like all of the construction details. Now, I want to see pictures from the dinner & dancing and soon, okay?!



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