Monday, July 16, 2007

Three's a charm - McCall's 5330 Skirt Review

Ah, McCall's 5330, how do I love thee? I don't have many TNT (tried and true) patterns as I'm easily seduced into purchasing and buying new patterns by the pretty pictures on the covers of the envelopes.

However, this skirt pattern is an exception. Not only does it have three skirt designs in one pattern envelope, but it is basic enough to allow for creativity.

The first skirt sewn from this pattern was the button front out of a gray embroidered border linen remnant;

The second skirt sewn was the straight pencil skirt sewn from an embroidered (with sequins) black linen remnant;


The third was sewn from a black stretch woven pinstripe - you guessed it - remnant.

Each skirt cost under $10 to sew including skirt fabric, lining, and notions.

My original thought on this pinstripe was to use it lengthwise on the main body of the skirt and crosswise on the bottom of the skirt. What I hadn't taken into consideration was that I wouldn't be able to put the stripe for the bottom band on a fold (because I used a remnant - less than one yard of 60" wide fabric).

So I matched the striped and sewed the seam at the center front. Nah, don't like it. While the stripes are well matched, it bothered me that there was a seam there. So I ripped the bottom band off and found a black fabric remnant, recut, and resewed.
But it needed something else. Something to define the difference between the skirt and the band so I dug through my trims to see what I could find.

Animal print ribbon? Nah.

Lacy white trim? Nah.

Floral faux leather trim with faux rhinestone center? Nah.

Black satin ribbon with white plastic beads along each edge? Yes, that works!

But how to sew it on? I'm *not* gonna do it by hand. In fact, if I have do have to hand sew any trim this skirt is going to end up with *no* trim.

Oh wait a minute! I forgot that when I bought the Pfaff 2056 I bought a couple of specialty sewing feet also. Yea! Now I have a chance to try one out. Boy, did that work nicely. The beaded part of the ribbon was couched using a zig-zag stitch on the machine with a special beading foot.

Here it is. Another skirt from McCall's 5330 sewn using a remnant from the remnant bin at Joann's.

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  1. That skirt looks great. I'm envious that you can make a skirt with less than a yard of fabric!!! g

  2. Very cute skirts!! They look wonderful on you. Don't you just love remnants - they always provide a license for creativity.

  3. Sharp! Very, very Sharp! Not to mention looking $$$$$.

    Great brainstorming!

  4. Great looking skirt and I love the beaded trim!

  5. You look great! Congrats!

  6. Fabulous! Love your work on the hem band! The satin ribbon together with the pearl beads create a very nice effect! Très chic!

  7. Great looking skirts, nice added touches.

  8. Wow, great skirts, and nifty embellishments! They all look great on you. Like you, I'm not a pattern repeater, but it's nice to make an exception every now and then with a truly T&T.

  9. I love every version of your skirt. How great to have found a TNT pattern.



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