Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Sewing - Quick Dresses for Hot Summer Days

I don't know about you, but there wasn't much sewing being done in my household this past weekend.

Saturday stuff
Saturday morning was a parade, followed by a visit to the garden center for some hostas and bark, followed by church and then a movie at home with my DH. (The movie was Marie Antoinette, which I rented so I could see the costumes - didn't care for the movie much.)

Sunday was a clowning day. My dad and I volunteered at an American Legion picnic. He did magic tricks and balloon animals and I did face painting - actually it ended up to be cheek art rather than full faces. There were many more children attending than we anticipated (based on last year's attendance) and we ended up disappointing a few at the end when we had to stop. That is the hardest thing about doing balloon animals and face painting at a venue like that. You can never be 100 percent certain how many little ones will be there and we absolutely *hate* having to say no. But we've also learned if we don't stop at a specific time we will be there hours longer than scheduled.

Lala - You asked in the comments if I had a good face painting book to recommend. I'll post some links and face painting books that I have found helpful in the next day or so as I have those resources packed away for a face painting class I'll be teaching.

After returning home from the picnic, removing makeup, packing away clown supplies (and taking a little refresher nap!) I snuck into the sewing room with the intent of beginning work on the muslin for McCall's 5466

However, I changed my mind after hearing the weather forecast for this week(more hot and humid weather) and decided I needed a couple of quick summer dresses that can be worn for both work and for running errands.

I quickly cut out a sleeveless summer dress from a black linen/blend using Butterick 4812 . I had visions of getting it cut and sewn Sunday evening, but my frantic Sunday night get everything ready for the work week got in the way.

The other dress I cut out was from Simplicity's 3797 using this vibrant orange/pink/yellow stretch cotton print purchased recently from FabricMart. I had sewn a muslin of the top previously, which I did not like, but I think it will look better as a dress.

Plus with this fabric I have the added bonus of increased visibility if I go walking outside after dark. Which is what I should be doing right now instead of typing away on the computer. Pin It


  1. Anxious to see both dresses. You have got to have energy cells seering through your body, no doubt about it. I always get tired reading your posts! I forgot about your dad and you working together; that is very special, I can't think of anyone I know who has that with their father. He must be a wonderful dad to you!

    And Sharon, wheww! Thanks for coming back and correcting your post--all of us down here in MO migh have panicked at your insinuation that St. Paul was gone. Long gone. (hehe--you're funny) xo

  2. Sharon...THANK YOU... I will look for the links... whenever you get the time! :o) Hope it's not too hot for ya... we're forecasted for teh high 90s for the next couple of days! :o) Lala :o)



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