Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reading Divas on the move again!

With a number of teens willing to participate I was demoted to stage mother. Here I am telling those beautiful young ladies to ham it up all they want to! Of course I didn't realize we were being photographed - that's what happens when you give your DH a camera with a zoom lens.

C'mon Divas! Do the parade wave! See? Like this!

Here's the two retro reading divas - doing the 60s and the 70s proud.
Very limited sewing will take place in my house this weekend. While I don't have any more parades for a week or so, I do have a picnic I'll be clowning and/or face painting at tomorrow. Pin It


  1. Sharon! You should post pictures of you every day--you. are. beautiful! If I were you, I'd probably have like a mass mailer system going out on M W F with pictures of me me me me on them! xoxo

  2. Hey Sharon... My little one LOVED your clown pic... "Mommy... that is PINKY DINKY DO" was the comment... :o) LOVED your parade wave demo! Have fun clowning and facepainting too! Can you recommend a book on face painting maybe? :o) lala

  3. looks like a great time for all! you are too cute Sharon!

  4. It was a great time - but then again I'm pretty easily amused :-)

    Lala - I didn't know who PINKY DINKY DOO was - but I LOVE your little one called me that when she saw the photo - especially since it appears that Pinky Dinky Doo promotes childhood literacy :-)



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