Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Fall 2007 Vogue Patterns

Ah yes, mid-July. The sun is shining, the temps hit the low 90s, the humidity is high, and there is no rain in the immediate forecast.

So why would I be so enthused about the new fall patterns from Vogue? Especially since I am still in the midst of finishing my summer wardrobe?

Silly question! Because they are new patterns and I can't help myself.

My copy of Vogue Patterns magazine arrived two weeks ago and I've been checking the website ever since to see all of the new designs.

Remember when you had to actually go to a fabric store to see if there was a new pattern catalog? Don't you love being able to browse online and check out line drawings and yardages without having to visit the fabric store?

When I'm ready to purchase patterns I arrive at the store with my pattern numbers in hand, pull them from the drawers, check out - done! Minutes instead of hours.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Some of my favorites in this new offering. What are your favorites?
(Photos from Vogue patterns website.)

Love the collar on this one, but I have yet to finish (okay, start) the red wool coat from the Vogue pattern I purchased last year.

Vogue 8431
Love the back detailing on this one, but with the cold winters we have here this jacket could only be worn in the early fall months.

Vogue 8438
Another interesting collar.

Vogue 2989
Love the jacket, as I'm a sucker for peplums, like the faux wrap top and dress as well as the side front detailing on the simple skirt.

Vogue 8410
Jumpers, not so sure about the jumpers. With all of the layering that has been so popular the past few years as well as the empire waist/babydoll dress trend it was only a matter of time before jumpers became fashionable again. If, and I do mean if, I decide on a jumper I like the deep round neckline combined with the curved empire waistline.

Vogue 8414
You need to see the line drawing for this one. The jacket has a pleated back and the dress has a yoke with gathers just above the bustline as well as waistline dart shaping.

Very interesting seams on this dress. But I'm not sure I'm an accomplished enough sewer to figure out the FBA on this one.

Vogue 8422
Front wrap knit tops. One me? Possibly the black one.

Vogue 2980
LOVE it. This is my fave.

Vogue 2983
Again, interesting collar. I might even try the skirt - check the line drawing as the skirt has princess seams in the back.

Another winner IMO. Again, you need to check out the line drawing to see the jacket and skirt details.

Vogue 2987
Another great jacket that you can't tell from the photo on the front of the envelope.

I can't wear the funnel neckline on this jacket, but I like the princess seam line on the top and jacket as well as the twirl factor of the skirt. (Because you know how much I like twirly skirts!)

and last, but not least, Vogue 2977.
Just in time for the Christmas season.
You know, in case you need an elf costume.
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  1. There's a red coat in the Nordstrom anniversary sale that has similar collar and sleeve stying to 8438. It's really stunning in red.

  2. I have some of those on my list! I hope 8438 will be my first coat!

  3. exactly, on the elf comment.
    Did you see the discussion yesterday on PR about Jumpers on grown women? Worth the entertainment value to go check it out.
    Personally, I'd argue against adding a jumper to the wardrobe of anyone over the age of 12.
    I love the dress on 2989, but since I already have the last 3 patterns they've issued with that design line, and have yet to make up any of them...do I really need to buy more paper to store in my pattern file box?

  4. Sharon, I would be stunning in 8429, so whenever you have time, hook me up with one, okay? I'll wait for that pink jacket first, though, I don't want to come across pushy or anything.

    Friend, you are amazingly talented. Love that about you. I AM working on the tag, before you say it. I have found my sewing room and pried open that door...that's worth a LOT. xoxo

  5. Vogue has some beautiful offerings this fall (some of which are 'Devil Wears Prada' influenced. My list, from your list, includes: V8417 and I have just the right gold duponni for this dress; V2980, so I need to make sure I lotion up with light olive oil (recommended by my dermotoligist); V8414, which is dressier than I usually need, but I love the lines of the dress; and V8429, view C, and I have wool that I purchased last year that may be just perfect. I am not totally opposed to jumpers, but they are a casual garment. What I have hated is the recent offerings of strapless jumpers--terrible--If one is going to make the strapless jumper in a nice wool plaid, for example, go ahead and wear it strapless. This could be very cute with a matching shrug.

  6. Totally agree about online pattern catalogues - I spend hours browsing them! To curb my pattern-buying addiction, I often print out the yardage/line drawings, scribble lots of notes and carry them around in my notebook while I search for fabric. That way I only go buy the pattern when I'm sure I've found just the right fabric for it and my nice new pattern doesn't get creased up in my bag.

    Oo and I do like V2980 - hadn't seen that one before.

  7. Love the wrap top. I'll definitely have to pick that up! I'm with you on the coats from last year. I've still got several "not finished" too ;)

  8. I just recently relocated into what is supposed to be my last home. (it better be) And I started sifting through the trunks of sewing goodies I have accumulated over the years. (I'm 52 and I have been sewing since I was 8) wow that was hard to say! I had thought about selling a lot of my 70's and 80's patterns that I have not used. But I see it is time just to repurpose them maybe. My favorite was the same as yours. The shirt with the look of the built in bolero. Thanks for sharing



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