Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New fabric panels for the kitchen windows

During the month of June I searched most of the stores in my area looking for the "perfect" panels for my kitchen window. When I realized I wasn't going to be able to purchase what I wanted, I wasn't too discouraged because I know how to sew!

I knew that I'd be able to find the exact color I wanted at a fabric store and whip a couple of panels up in no time. Well, the search for the "perfect" fabric didn't go so well either.

The biggest problem is that I've been trying to work with a wall color that I hate, but DH loves. The kitchen was repainted just over a month ago, from a deep red to this ugly beigey pink color. I thought I had chosen a light taupe but once it was on the walls in my kitchen it looks like a peach color. The color itself isn't bad, it just reminds me of what the color the kitchen walls were when we moved in and then I remember how dirty and run down this house was when we moved in. I certainly don't need those memories coming back every time I walk into the kitchen.

I've been bringing home fabric swatches and more fabric swatches and even more fabric swatches trying to find something that would work with the wall color. I almost gave up, but a blue semi-sheer polyester home dec fabric at Joann's caught my eye. Using a set of placemats as inspiration, I combined it with a deep, almost black, brown fabric printed with polka dots.

I was able to sew them in two hours this evening after dinner, with most of the time spent at the ironing board pressing the hems before stitching them in place with my sewing machine.

I used the heavier polka dot fabric to create the top rod pocket. There is another window, above the kitchen sink, that I'll make a valance using only the polka dot fabric to tie all the windows together.
Now the search is on for new decorative accessories! Pin It

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