Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flashback Friday

Over at the Pink & Blue Girl's blog I discovered "Throwback Thursday" where they post photos from their childhood. This week's Thursday post was about pigtails.

Well my daughter wore pigtails! Don't all little girls? So of course I set off to dig through my photos to locate a photo of DD with her pigtails for this week's Flashback Friday. I was pretty sure when I found a photo of her in pigtails she would be wearing something I sewed for her, keeping with the overall theme of this blog.

It was bit harder to find a photo of her in pigtails than I thought it would be. While I know I put pigtails in her hair often it appears I didn't document it.

Except for this excursion to the local zoo for my company's annual summer family picnic. DD and DS were thrilled when it was their turn to ride the little ponies.

Look at that big grin DD is wearing (along with her cute little pigtails).

DS is not grinning as broadly and appears to be holding on very, very tightly to the saddle. If you look closely you'll notice the bandage that is just above his eye.

That little accident happened earlier in the day. They were taking turns being pushed on the swings. Just as DS was in the upward motion of the swing something caught his three-year old attention and he removed both of his hands from the chains to point it out to me! And promptly fell out of the swing landing face down on the ground. You've never seen a mama run so fast to help her little baby. Fortunately the injuries were minor, a slightly scraped face, and we were all able to enjoy the rest of the picnic.

Did you happen to notice the sweet little white eyelet halter top DD is wearing? It was sewn from this pattern - Butterick 3761 - along with shorts with matching eyelet lace along the hems.

Back to the subject of pigtails. I even managed to find a photo of me with pigtails! It still counts even if the hair is pink and the makeup is a bit clownish doesn't it?
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  1. I am so glad people are still wearing pigtails! My kids are doggies, and my sister has three boys, so we can't do the pigtails thing with our kiddies!!

    Love these pictures! And yes, your pink wig counts! :)

    Fun photos!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls



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