Friday, July 06, 2007

Flashback Friday

Thought I forgot about my Flashback Friday post didn't you? I'll admit, I'm a bit late today, but I have a good reason.

You see, I've decided that a birthday day just isn't quite enough, and I feel a bit greedy asking for a birthday month (although I got the idea of one of my friends who obviously doesn't feel the least bit greedy about it), so I decided a birthday week would be nice.

So, in keeping with my birthday week theme I went to lunch and antiquing (is that a word?) with two of my sisters. It would have been a bit difficult for our other sister to join us as she lives out of state.

We drove about forty miles to a quaint touristy town located along the Mississippi River. The main street is lined with boutiques, antique stores, and restaurants. We ate at a restaurant that used to be an old railroad freight house - out on the deck where we could enjoy the beautiful sunny summer day.

Oh did we laugh! They, of course, got to tease me about my failing memory and how old I'm getting, while I got to tease them about the older sibling higher IQ study! No surprise, they disputed the study. I think I denied my failing memory but I can't recall for sure...

After our leisurely lunch we strolled down the street deciding as we went which stores to visit. We only had a few hours to bum around and the time went so quickly. We visited only a handful of the dozens of stores, so when we go back we'll allow ourselves much more time.

I was secretly hoping to come across a stash of vintage patterns, forgotten and dusty, in a corner of an antique store. Alas, I didn't come across any vintage patterns but I did purchase a tin filled with buttons.
There isn't anything special about the buttons, and in fact most of them are plain old plastic buttons. I purchased the tin because I was purchasing a memory.

When I was about six years old I went to an estate sale with either my grandmother or my mother where I was allowed to purchase a tin filled with buttons. I was fascinated with the buttons. The color of the buttons, the size of the buttons, and the sound the buttons made when shaken inside of the tin. I spent hours and hours sorting through my treasured button collection, sometimes sorting them by color and other times by size.

Most of the buttons were used in the creation of button necklaces that were lost as I grew older and the tin probably ended up being donated to a Goodwill store.

But with the purchase of this tin full of buttons my happy memory of my first button tin remains alive in my sewing room. Pin It

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