Monday, July 23, 2007

The "Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway" Has Begun

Wow! Check out the big blog giveaway being hosted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer! All week long the post about the giveaways will be the top post on her blog. If you click on the Dog Days of Summer image above I have it linked so you'll go directly to the correct post.

On this post you will find over 300 links to blogs that are participating!

Each one is giving something away at their blog. I've only begun to browse through all of the links but there is a huge variety being given away. I've seen a blogger template design, candles, handmade greeting cards, memory purse, kid's stuff and even chocolate!

If you want to join in and give something away on your blog there are instructions included on how to do that, but you only have until this Wednesday, July 25, to add your link.

Now scoot! Get on over there and start signing up for some great giveaways and maybe find some new favorite blogs in the process.

Good luck! Oh, and if you happen to win one of the free blog makeovers - just send it my way :-) Pin It


  1. 300 blogs? Wow! That is huge in blogtopia! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest! Good luck!

  2. Yes! Is this NOT too great to be true? I couldn't even think of a post today because I was so excited about I posted about THE CONTEST, lol.

    Thanks for supporting the Kiss John for Comments drive, I adore you, my library dancing friend! xo

  3. these look like fun. thank you for sharing.

    by the way...what did you ever make out of the ladybug print fabric?



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