Saturday, July 07, 2007

A book giveaway for you!

As I continue my birthday week celebration, I have a present for you. I have a copy of Low-Sew Boutique: 25+ Quick & Clever Projects Using Ready-Mades by Cheryl Weiderspahn that I would like to give away to one of you!

Trust me, after seeing this book you'll view kitchen textiles in a whole new way. The book is "perfect for the novice sewer looking to create innovative low-sew projects as well as the experienced sewer looking for a few sewing short cuts."

This is the book I've been bragging on for the past month or so. With this book you'll discover how to transform ready-made potholders, placemats, rugs, and more into great accessories. This book's projects are much more than the typical placemat purses that you've seen instructions for on the Internet and Cheryl's projects are much more clever and creative than my simple drawstring placemat purse.

Come out, come out where ever you are! Leave a comment if you're interested and next Saturday, July 14, I'll draw a random name and you could be the owner of this signed by the author copy of Low-Sew Boutique.

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  1. Well, sure I'm interested! I'd want to give it to my friend who is just starting sewing. Or my mom, who would only sew simple, one sitting projects. But first I'd spend a few days with it myself!

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Sharon... Hope you are enjoying your birthday week... Mine starts MONDAY (a big "0" birthday this year)... can I choose to have a birthday MINUTE? LOL... THe booklet looks interesting and fun! :o) Lala

  3. I'm definitely interested! I can't wait to see your bags up close (I'm still so very excited for you!).

    Glad to see you're expanding your b-day to a week - I like it when that happens! That way, you know you're having a good birthday.

  4. How exciting! A birthday and a book giveaway!

    I enjoy your site.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Count me in as being interested in the book giveaway. I love your blog, this is the first time I've commented. BTW, I have a Bichon Frise mix who looks a lot like Sophie. Minnie, however, is rather fierce for a 10 pound dog.

    Have a great Birthday,


  6. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Happy Birthday Sharon!
    Giving a present instead of receving it on your own birthday...That's generosity!
    Very nice blog!
    rac, from Florida

  7. Very interested I am!

    So put me in the hat...and then come over and get the Schmoozer Award--you really want this one! xo

  8. Anonymous9:16 PM

    This is the first time that I have been on your blog-very enjoyable. Please put my name into the book drawing as well. I love these type of books!


  9. How exciting about the book, please put my name in the drawing.

  10. I don't sow but have gotten to know a few people that do and Stacey might need a birthday present, so please count me in!

  11. Happy Birthday! The book looks interesting.

  12. This looks like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Your version of this Vogue dress is fantastic! You look great in the dress. Happy Birthday week!

  14. Happy Birthday, birthweek, birthmonth!

  15. Happy Birthday Week Sharon! My Toffee keeps meaning to bark at your Sophia, we have a big back yard if y'all what to come visit. The book looks very interesting btw.
    Wendy (& Toffee) in Texas

  16. How fun a book giveaway! Happy Birthday!



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