Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another vintage and retro pattern site

I was going to share with you this new (to me) vintage and retro pattern site I stumbled upon - Out of the Ashes Collectibles - but looks like A Dress A Day mentioned it today already.

Although I am surprised that Erin (at A Dress a Day) hasn't snapped this 1950's beauty up yet! Look at the pockets!
I browsed the site quickly this morning and when I saw two Vogue designer patterns I'd been searching for on eBay listed I hit the order button quickly. If that 50s dress would have been there this morning it too would have made its way into my shopping cart.

My order was placed early this morning and I already received a personalized, friendly e-mail confirmation along with notification that my order had shipped! Talk about service! I'll be sure to post photos when the patterns arrive.

Just in case you didn't read A Dress a Day yet (highly unlikely as most everyone who sews, or likes fashion, or likes dresses, reads that entertaining blog) I'll link to the sewing pattern site here - Out of the Ashes Collectibles.

My other sewing related project was to clean up the sewing room. Not only did I clean it up but I did a bit of rearranging. Nothing too drastic, but enough to make it feel like I have more room in there. I own a Koala sewing cabinet - which is a very nice piece of furniture, but I never ever put my machine away, so the cabinet takes up a lot of valuable floor space. I asked DH to remove the back portion of the cabinet - the part the folds down when the sewing machine is put away - so that I could push the table up against a wall. I now have the machine facing the north window which has an incredible view of the woodsy park behind us.

You'll notice my sewing buddy, Sophia, in the middle of the room. I keep a bed in there for her as she likes to curl up in the room while I sew. She may look sweet and angelic but don't let her fool you. She loves to grab my patterns and rip them to shreds as I try and retrieve them from her.

I'm liking the new layout and the view from the machine. The problem is the room looks so neat that I hate to pull anything out to sew because I'll mess it up again! Pin It


  1. Very Nice! It feels wonderful to get the creative space clean! I like that cute pink jacket on the dress form.

    My new space is evolving...insulation today and drywall next week! yippee!

  2. Okay, you talked me into it. I bought it. :-)

    Happy belated birthday!

  3. Yeah, I bet the jacket is for me, isn't it? I won't tell, you can still surprise me, ok?!

    Your room is amazing, I'm quite covetous (is this a word?). I have a small room in the one corner of the house that has no windows and it's quite ugly. One day I will paint, but I haven't even seen my sewing room in a month, so what's the point (sigh). Did I mention I really hate going back to work? I mean HATE it?!

    I came on to mention that 25 years thing--ahemm...your family probably thought that was sooo a shotgun wedding, right? (giggle) Happy happy Friday Sharon. xoxo



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