Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This and that and a game of tag

This and that
What interesting comments from yesterday's post! I'm glad you shared some of your insights and other studies. Those of you who agreed with the I.Q study - well, I bet y'all are older siblings too, aren't you? My two children were born less than a year apart from one another so I wonder what the study would say about them?!?

I do need to clarify that I am not the oldest child in my family. I have a brother who is three years older than I, which fits with the anonymous comment that a first born daughter displays first born tendencies because she is the first girl. Most people think I'm an oldest child because I do have many eldest child characteristics. I like to think of them as leadership skills but if you ask my younger sisters they'll just say I'm bossy. LOL!

More this and that
I'm off of work this morning and it was such a treat to begin the day by taking Miss Sophia for a long walk.

When we returned I then had a chance to sit outside and enjoy the quiet while doing my Bible study (I'm currently doing a Beth Moore study, A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place.), as well as some hand sewing on my 70's style red dress.

I haven't decided on what length to hem the red dress yet. Get your opinions ready because I may be asking for advice later!

Even more this and that
Since I had red thread in the serger I quickly sewed a red twist top using Simplicity 4076. Another knit top that is very easy. This one took less than two hours, including the time needed to cut the pattern out. Gotta tell you, I'm not crazy about this one. It just isn't a style I can wear. The neckline is too wide and too low so you won't be seeing photos of me wearing it.

It's too bad because the red knit is such a nice knit fabric (rayon/lycra) and is a beautiful red color. I'm going to see if my youngest sister would like it. I think it would be very cute on her.

A game of tag
So, I got tagged (uh, thanks Vicki?) Actually, I love to play games - even if its a virtual blog game of tag.

The rules? Simple...share seven random facts about myself. So, if you can stand it, here goes. I won't be hurt if you decide to leave right now and come back when I have more sewing projects to share with you :-0
  1. Speaking of games...I'm super competitive. I try and hide it, but my heart rate increases, my blood gets pumping. and I get boisterous. I like to WIN! (All of you other board game fanatics - I wish you lived closer to me so we could have game nights together. Just make sure I'm on the winning team or things could get ugly.)
  2. Like Vicki, I'm not too fond of snakes. I blame it on my junior high science teacher, Mr. Baxter. He made all of us hold a snake in class! Ugh! I still get grossed out thinking about it. That snake was huge. I thought it was going to be slimy but it was cold. I get teased at work when there is a reptile program for children because I find someone else to take the photographs. I don't even like to see the photographs!
  3. My best friend and I met when we were ten. She is a fantastic lady - incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and talented. I shared with her that when I describe her to people I tell them that she has an elegant Grace Kelly look about her. She laughed and said "yea, Grace Kelly on the outside and Lucille Ball on the inside." Gotta love a woman like that! And I do.
  4. I like to watch old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. I giggle at the hidden humor no matter how many times I've watched the show.
  5. I've never received a speeding ticket. In fact, the one time I received a ticket it was a parking ticket given to me because I had forgotten to display my parking permit in my car in my company parking lot.
  6. According to my mother, we're related to the guy that created the Hawaiian Punch Guy in the 60's. As a child I remember thinking that I was almost famous since the cartoon was on t.v. and I was related.
  7. I walked on a nail when I was ten. On purpose. And no, the sole of my cute white sandal did not stop it from going into my foot. There was a piece of wood with a nail sticking straight up just sitting in the middle of our garage. I honestly thought I could walk right over it, you know, kind of balancing on top of it with my one foot. Guess this story disproves the elder children/higher I.Q theory huh?
Oh gosh, I have to tag people. This is the part I'm really bad at. If I tag you will you just roll your eyes or will you be excited? If I don't tag you will you be relieved or hurt that I ignored you? So I think I will just be a total wimp and if you are reading this and *want* to be tagged let me just say "Tag! You're It!" (Oh, don't forget to leave me a comment so I can go read the seven random things you write about yourself!) Pin It


  1. What a cute dog!

    That's a shame about the red top - it looks gorgeous. However, I totally understand. How about wearing a black tank top underneath?

  2. Thanks for playing along! Another thing we have in common - I waled on a nail once too - it was during that flood I talked about and it was 2 nails......I wound up with blood poisoning!

  3. Your children are known as "irish twins" (children born within 12 months of each other)... not totally sure about the birth order with that situation (unless they are different sexes?) Yep... you would be considered a first born since you are a girl and your older brother is a boy... like I said I find the whole topic VERY INTERESTING... LOL

    Thanks for the reference to my yesterday's comment!

    Cute Pooch!

    I agree... cute top... why couldn't you wear a blck tank underneath?

    Lala :o) (forgot to not be anonymous yesterday... sorry!)

  4. Wow that's a lot of post Sharon! I'm sooo grossed out by the nail thing, eww!

    You, soon as I get this post finished I'm working on, are a recipient of Rockin Girl Blogger, girl. The Pinks & Blues sent it my way, I'm sending it to you, because you sooo are a rockin blogger and a girl (and bossy I read)!

  5. Okay--it's up now, come claim that award. And you don't have to pick others for the award, just get your award badge for your blog! xo



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