Monday, June 11, 2007

Sew a Super Quick Summer Jacket with Vogue 8232

I don't know about you but the office I work in cold!

Between you and I, not only do I keep a heavy sweater tucked away in a desk drawer but a pair of lightweight gloves! I'm serious. I've even been known to drape a blanket around my shoulders ...well, okay, that was only once and it was to prove a point. And it did work...the cooling system was looked at.

Of course then there are the days that the temperature is perfect! It sure makes it difficult deciding what to wear for the day.

So what does my sometimes cold, sometimes perfect, office temperature have to do with sewing? Well, let me tell you. I am always on the lookout for a simple and versatile jacket that can be worn with multiple summer dresses or tops.

I thought the jacket from this pattern - Vogue 8232 - just might be one of those jackets. It has a simple shape, short sleeves, and a trendy shorter length. No lining, no buttons, no zippers. The jacket itself is basically a peasant blouse gathered into a rounded yoke with the center front left open. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Before I began sewing I decided to do an FBA on the jacket front. While there is a bit of ease built into the jacket front, I wanted to keep the design of the jacket intact and knew that I'd need just a bit more added.

So, out came my copy of Fast Fit for Real People (which is really starting to get worn) and used it as a guideline for the FBA. The jacket doesn't have a dart in the side seam because it has been rotated to the top of the jacket where it will be gathered into the yoke. This is the area I knew I needed to increase. What I did is shown in the photo below.

The jacket itself took less than two hours to complete. This fabric is a white eyelet look out of polyester. I don't remember where I bought it but I'm guessing I picked it up in the last year. I thought it would be lightweight enough to drape nicely, but is stands away from the body more than I would like. The yoke band is meant to be worn open, but I think the next one I'll extend the band and add a button closure.

However it will work just fine as a simple jacket to throw over a sleeveless dress this summer.

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  1. Sharon, your jacket really is quite pretty. I am sure you will get a lot of use out of it. What a great pattern. Are you going to make the dress?

  2. My office is always freezing and I have a ratty sweater at my desk. This is a far better idea. Love it in that white!

  3. Lovely jacket! Great idea. (I also have TWO ratty sweaters at my office.)

  4. Great idea, lovely jacket! I've been thinking I'd like to have something like that myself for when I just want to cover my shoulders a bit but don't want an outdoor jacket. You've inspired me!

    I also love Fast Fit!

  5. That is sooo super cute. I love it.

  6. It's beautiful, thanks for sharing...I would wear that anywhere! Have to say, after my surgery I know no cold--in fact I think one could look closely and see the steam rising from my head as I seer from the inside out at least four times a day, lol!

    I think that jacket in taupe would be amazing for my wardrobe.

  7. Laura5:29 PM

    That is super-cute, and very usable for the summer. I could really use a jacket like that to go with my summer dresses.

  8. I agree with you, my office is always freezing and there is vent right under my feet that constantly blows cold air up my skirt! Even though it's closed!!!!

    About your copy of Fast Fit getting ratty - I took my copy to Office Max and had them cut the binding off and a spiral binding. It's holding up a little bit better, much easier to use, and lays flat. g

  9. Sharon ~ I think this is the same pattern block as the Butterick 4980 that I used. The only difference being that they showed the jacket with and without the button & button loop on the yoke. So essentially we made the same jacket just with different pattern company names. I really like your version, too!



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