Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Red, red, I love red

Red cherries and red strawberries, red apples and red watermelon, red tomatoes and red radishes.

Not only do I love to eat all of the wonderful red fruits and veggies that are so abundant here in the summertime, but I also love to wear red.

Two of my latest fabric purchases were red. One is destined to become a New Look faux wrap dress while the other's fate is still being determined.

Two of my latest sewing projects were sewn with red fabrics from my stash. The skirt, a twirly skirt with godets, was sewn using McCall's 5274.

The red retro 70's dress was sewn using a vintage pattern, Butterick 5731, from my collection.

Then there's little Sophia with her red, white, and blue scarf tied around her neck.

The color red. It energizes me and makes me happy. What color makes you smile? Pin It


  1. Well, that makes two of us! I subscribe to everything you said and red is my favorite color too! No other color gives me that extra burst of self confidence! My last fabric purchase was a few yards of red linen; I plan to make a "safari" style red dress soon :)

  2. Red has always been my favorite color. But, I don't wear a lot of it lately. The last few years, lots of pinks, pale blues and apple greens. But red is still on top.

  3. I love red on other people but never seem to gravitate towards it when I shop or sew or knit. I'm a purple girl. It does cheer me up! My last car was a purple mini van.

  4. I am a huge fan of red myself. A look at my closet will show lots of red and variations of it. As would a look at my living room, kitchen, etc...!

    I can really appreciate blues on other people, but I am just not comfortable wearing it myself. I wonder why?

  5. SHARON! Your Sophia reminds me so much of of my Joe!! I posted a picture on the blog, they look so much alike!!

  6. Love love red. It's long been my fave color. But...recently (oh, ok. about a year or more) I've been obsessed with this aqua blue color. Like pale pale Bahama's water aqua. I'm thinking about painting my bedroom that color just to get it out of my system!

  7. Sharon, very nice work there!

    I'm loving red too, I keep buying it for some reason and I look TERRIBLE in red. But...still like it. xo

  8. Oh! I see I have lots of company here as there are lots of red lovers in land of sewing.



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