Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knit Faux Wrap Dress - New Look 6429

I finally got around to sewing the faux wrap dress from New Look 6429. I had read a number of reviews on Patternreview and it looked good on everyone who had made it, so of course I needed one also!

The pattern is marked "easy" and it really is a simple to sew knit dress. I used a lightweight floral print knit that was purchased during my shopping spree at SR Harris last fall. An almost invisible detail on the fabric is the tiny horizontal gold thread lines running through it. I originally planned on using the knit for Simplicity 4076 but thought with its hint of gold it might make an interesting dress.

I did eliminate the neckline facing that is included with the pattern. Instead, I used clear elastic at the neckline to add stability and to pull the neckline in slightly. I cut the clear elastic about 1" shorter than the neckline and serged it to the wrong side of the fabric.

Next I turned the edge over and top stitched in place.

The back of the dress has a very nice design. The back of the bodice dips to a vee at the center back with the back skirt seams curving down slightly. Its a very flattering line and allows the skirt portion to flow nicely.

I tried hemming the dress using a three thread rolled hem with Woolly Nylon thread on my serger, but it didn't work very well. The hem wants to roll out. I think the knit is too lightweight and needs the weight of a small turned under hem to help it lay properly.

The pattern runs a bit large but I didn't realize that until after I was almost done. I guess I should have read all of those reviews a bit more closely. Anyway, I took it in at the waistline but it is still just a bit too large at the waist and too large and low at the neckline. It will probably need a pin or snap to keep the cross over in place.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the dress and DH really likes it. This particular one is too low cut for it to become work or church attire, but it will be perfect for our belated anniversary dinner. (Hint, hint honey! - yea, like that's gonna work. DH has yet to read my blog!)

Full review can be read here.
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  1. Your version of the dress turned out beautifully! I finished the same dress last weekend and am waiting for my Spanx to arrive so I can wear it.

    I plan to make a long sleeve version of this one, too.

  2. really pretty! I love reading success stories like this - they inspire me!

  3. Sharon that dress looks great. I have got to get busy sewing!!! g

  4. Really gorgeous! This dress suits you wonderfully well!

  5. Such a lovely dress. I just ordered the pattern from PRev. I don't know when I can start on it because my sewing room is slowly being cleaned and reorganized. Maybe as I look through my stash I will find some fabric that will work. Have to check Georgous Fabrics for some jerseys. Did find lots of scraps to donate and fabric suitable for muslins.

    Off topic:::I moved from a 900sf home to a 2200sf home with my very messy new husband (he probably wouldn't know clean if it bit him; and my first marriage at the age of 60!) and have been overwhelmed. I was most inspired by after my daughter-in-law recommended it. A wonderful, fun blog to help one organize and clean. Sewing, reading blogs, general reading,etc, are welcome breaks from some much needed house cleaning and time organization.
    I have been working on some serious cleaning of my house.
    I'm telling y'all about this because I know that serious sewists often have problems keeping the rest of the house clean & tidy as those tasks are far less interesting.

  6. Very pretty dress! I love the shoes!

  7. Sharon ~ I love your version of the dress! It is so pretty on you.

  8. Very pretty dress, that's a fun print.

  9. You are looking gooood in that dress! Kudos!



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