Sunday, June 03, 2007

Instant Gratification Sewing - Simplicity 4076 and Reading Diva Sashes

Today is the very last day of vacation - sigh.

I had hoped to get more done, but isn't that pretty typical? The days in the future always seem so full of hope with their promise of never-ending time. In reality the days fly by quickly and every project takes twice as long as you thought it would.

I knew I wouldn't do much in terms of home improvement or sewing projects yesterday as yesterday was a parade day. I volunteer with a number of other fun-loving ladies and perform as part of a book-cart drill team. If you haven't seen one yet, check out these photos from an actual competition that was held a few years ago! And no, we weren't there, and no, we don't do back flips and other fantastic feats of agility.

We perform as "Reading Divas" and spin the carts a few times, maybe throw in a pinwheel formation to really wow the crowds. Mostly we smile, wave and blow kisses while pushing a book cart. We wear old prom or bridesmaids gowns, flashy tiaras and sashes. It's silly and should try it sometime. As one former reading diva commented, "if I'd have known what a guy-magnet a gown and tiara was I would have worn one all the time when I was single."

Anyway, in preparation for the parade I had to quickly sew up three "Reading Diva" sashes. I thought we had enough sashes from past parades, but when I counted them out we were short by three. Thank goodness that I know how to sew! (And that I live really close to a Joann's store.)

I didn't make the original ones but it was easy enough for me to figure out. Just in case you decide you ever need a sash (to go with that tiara you have tucked away) here's how I did it.
  • I purchased two yards of white polyester bridal satin (60" wide) and iron-on letters to spell out "Reading Divas".
  • For each sash, cut out a length of satin that is 2 yards long and 11" wide.
  • Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together.
  • Stitch using a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving an opening the center of the sash for turning right side out.
  • Turn right side out and press.
  • Place letters on the sash and iron in place, per instructions on the letter package.
  • Slip stitch the opening closed.
There you have it! You're very own "reading diva" sash, guaranteed to raise eyebrows and spur questions.
On a more serious sewing note....

We're still finishing the kitchen painting project. I got kicked out of the kitchen this morning by DH because I wasn't doing a good job of taping the cabinets, so I decided to quickly sew something before tackling the house cleaning.

I pulled out Simplicity 4076, which has received multiple positive reviews over at Patternreview. I used a remnant (I sure seem to buy a lot of those don't I?) and sewed view D. It took one hour...from cutting it out to taking the photograph. You can read the full review here.

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  1. That's very pretty. I might have to try that pattern. I have a couple pieces of fabric that I love but might be a bit much for a skirt or dress. I like the pink/red you chose, it will look nice on you.

  2. I have NEVER heard of book cart parades but it sure looks like a lot of fun! Does anyone get all the things they want done on vacation??

  3. That, is fantastic. I think I'll make a sash just to have around the house.

  4. Get on out! Thinking I was a woman wise to the world, I am stunned to know there is a book cart drill team. And quite intrigued--are there any teams in the Kansas City area? xo

  5. We seem to be making all the same patterns! LOL. I finished this one last week, too.

    Love your fabric choice on this one.



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