Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flashback Friday

Don't you think the month of June is a just a wonderful month?

Summer is just beginning (at least here). The weather is warm, at times downright hot, and the mosquitoes are not yet out in full force.

School has ended and the promise of a long days filled with playing loom before the school-aged children.

Every weekend neighborhoods are filled with garage and estate sales where one can find some great treasures.

One of my sisters has a birthday in June, and since we were born only 11 months apart we are the same age for almost four weeks. (Oops, uh, sis? If you're reading this your birthday card is in the mail, really, I promise. Don't tell mom okay? LOL)

June is also the month we took a family vacation and visited my dad's side of the family in Colorado. The year was 1974 1972 and all six of us were together for an entire week.

I don't recall a whole lot about that vacation, except that I got in big, big, big, big, big, big trouble when I stalked off in a huff over who knows what. Someone probably looked at me wrong and I responded like a typical teenage girl.

Problem was I took off by myself in a large, out-of-state park, in an area I where I knew no one and had no idea where I was going. No wonder my parents were frantic! And extremely angry (and relieved) when they did find me. It's amazing I lived to tell the tale, LOL!

Here's a photo of five of us before the walk-off-in-a-huff-in-a-strange-city incident.

I'm in the lower left corner next to my mother. Wearing a cotton peasant blouse, that I had sewn, along with my favorite pair of blue jeans. I had embroidered a huge spider web on the knee with the spider dangling down the leg and resting near the hem of the jeans and thought it was the coolest design ever.

My mother, front row center, is wearing a summer tunic that I had sewn for her out of a cotton pique. My two youngest sisters, on the left in the back row, are wearing items I sewed for them. My sister wearing the red pants with yellow daisies and the yellow pom-pom trim at the hemline, now says that she "hated those pants!" I don't know...she sure has a big smile on her face!

Fashion aside, we did end up having a great time during the rest of the vacation. Pin It


  1. Oh goodness that's a fun photo, girl. I'm 'thrown back' that you REMEMBER what you made your mother's blouse I'm thrown that you knew how to sew your mother a blouse. You're a born seamstress, no doubt! Love that.

    About that YouTube Vid...sorry. I'll correct my post ASAP because you're right, not everyone has seen it (and maybe that's a good thing, lol). xo

  2. Wow, that is some serious embroidery on your denim! Even though I'm not into spiders (major phobia, actually), I admire your creativity and I understand why you were proud of those jeans.

  3. Sharon, I love reading your Flashbacks. Those jeans are hardcore. Go you for sewing for half the family! My mom is still waiting for me to make her something.

  4. Those jeans ARE the coolest design ever! Love the hair too. LOL!



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