Friday, June 15, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1978

We're in the midst of a heat wave here - how 'bout you? Our temps have been in the low 90s this past week, which is about four weeks earlier than normal. I'm loving it, but I've always been a hot weather lover.

My kids love the hot weather too. Must have been all that time they spent without air conditioning when they were young. Because we didn't have air conditioning we spent more time out doors especially if there was a breeze.

On those hot summer days I dressed those little ones in t-shirts and the heck with the shorts. The t-shirts they're wearing in the photo below were lovingly sewn by their mama. That particular t-shirt pattern was one I used over and over and over. DS's t-shirt has a train embroidered on the front - hand embroidered I might add as I used to sit on the steps of the apartment building we living in and embroider while they played. DD's rainbow striped t-shirt had her name on the front - you sure wouldn't do that today would you?

During the summer of 1978 I was carless, which meant that not only did we not have a nice air conditioned car to get around in, but we had to walk when I couldn't find someone to give me a lift. One evening on our walk home from the grocery store I snapped a photo of my two little monkeys playing around in an empty parking lot. Yep, I let them run around in public their little t-shirts and their (non-disposable) diapers and rubber pants.

So maybe they weren't always dressed impeccably but they were comfortable, clean, happy, and of course, adorable. Pin It


  1. What a sweet photo. There is nothing like little kids' legs sticking out in the summer, I don't blame you. I fondly remember those days too. And now they're teenagers! It goes so fast...

  2. Adorable photo. You were probably one of "those mothers" that actually let their kids run around barefoot in the yard, too, didn't you? LOL!

  3. Love the photo and thoroughly enjoyed reading your flashback. You wrote it so perfectly I can almost envision what it must have been like...I think I need ice water now, lol. Happy Weekend, Sharon xoxo

  4. Sharon, you're so right, I forgot about Marcia and Davey! We need her, right NOW, more than ever. xo

  5. Gorgeous kids. That was my kid not two years ago - we've never invested in over dressing him. When I was pregnant, we rented an AC'd car to do a road trip in July. It was heaven. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.



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