Monday, June 18, 2007

Fabric Mart to the rescue

What a lousy work that is. Poor DH has listened to me vent way too many times over the past nine months or so. Those who know me well know it is very unusual for me to stay negative about anything for very long. A previous employer once gave me a pair of rose-colored glasses jokingly saying that I might as well wear them since that's how I view the world anyway!

I understand that every job has its moments and every job has its challenges. Last year a restructuring in my department came about after almost two years of planning. The promise of the newly defined job I now hold was exciting; exciting enough for me to hang around to see how it would be structured. Today was so incredibly discouraging that I would dearly love to schedule the rest of the summer off to re-energize - you know - get excited about my work again.

I know, I know. I should be grateful that I even have a job. And truly, I am. My income, combined with DH's income, allows us to own a home, support our church and ministries, keep our cupboard full, drive reliable vehicles, and buy fabric. (Okay, DH doesn't buy fabric but he doesn't care if I do...he buys tools.) At the moment I'm feeling burned out, unchallenged, underutilized and wondering if its time for a career move.

So when I came home and saw the label on this big ole' box, well, it was just good timing, you know what I mean? A box from Fabric Mart Fabrics can only mean one thing...lots of wonderful fabrics to caress and dream over.

I did show some restraint and held off from ripping the box open until after I let the dog out to do her business. After all nine hours is a really, really long time for a little dog no matter how well trained she is.


All alone with my big box of fabric.

Slowly, I pulled the tape off and peeled back the cardboard flaps.

Ah, there it was. New dreams just waiting to be defined.

Of course buried in the bottom was the free mystery bundle, because I just can't resist those mystery bundles. This one contained a few fabrics that I might wear and a few fabrics that will be used for muslins.
There's nothing like a box of fabric to calm down a stressed out sewing and fabric fanatic is there? Pin It


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your frustration with work. What do people who dont' sew do to get themselves over these times, I often wonder? Knit, maybe. Or create in some other way. Or do something destructive...smoke, drink, whatever. Thank God for sewing.

  2. Ahh Sharon I hear you. Sending hugs your way and know that you'll make the best decision for you and your family. I went through that, quit, LOVED not working, then realized uh oh, needed it to get by; so I grovelled and got my stupid ole job back!

    You're the lucky though, I'd so enjoy new fabric right now...shoot I'd so enjoy seeing what my sewing room looks like right now, it's been WEEKS. Ugh! xoxo

  3. Sharon - just seeing the words Fabric Mart in your title made my heart race faster. And then a teaser picture of the fabric - ohmygosh! Since I really haven't had a good Fabric Mart box in some time...I am just tooo jealous for words! Please tenderly stroke those pieces for me, give them a hug for me and enjoy listening to their sweet whisperings!

    Sorry about the bad day - totally understand that one!



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