Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vogue 7855 Sandra Betzina Jacket

Hey Mom! This one's for you!

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I had a piece of embroidered linen/blend that I purchased last fall from Joann's. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but when has that ever stopped me before?!?

I set the fabric aside but it kept making its way to the front of stash as if to say "pick me! pick me!" I kept wondering what to do with it - skirt - nope, fabric is too heavy; top - nah; maybe a simple a-line dress? Oh gosh, I just don't know. The poor lovely piece of fabric was preparing to make its way back into the closet when it hit me! A jacket for my mother would be the perfect use for this fabric.

The other day, I had a conversation with my mother and she was telling me how much she has been wearing the latest jacket I had given her. I had sewn her a simple white linen unlined jacket with a beautiful piece of lace trim added to the hemline to make it ultra feminine.

Then, of all things, we got into a conversation about favorite colors. Her favorite color is pink. Plus she loves roses. Plus she wears jackets all the time. Ah, duh! Now I knew what the fabric wanted to be.

I just had to find the right jacket pattern. Preferably one I hadn't sewn for her yet. I pulled out jacket patterns from a few years ago and came across a Sandra Betzina jacket that I hadn't tried yet. The jacket is Vogue 7855 - an out of print Sandra Betzina design.

There was *just* enough fabric - in fact I had to cut the back facing out of a contrast because I ran short on fabric.

If you haven't sewn this one yet, don't be alarmed when you pull out the instructions. The construction appears much more complicated than it really is. There are also some really nice design details that aren't apparent on the pattern envelope cover.

There are two front pieces to the jacket - one is the jacket and one is the lining. The darts are sewn, trimmed and pressed open to eliminate bulk.

The view I sewed - view B - has a double collar. The upper collar, from the main fashion fabric, is slightly smaller than the lower collar, which is sewn from a contrasting fabric.

The back is only partially lined and here I had to use a contrast fabric as I had run out of the fashion fabric.

The front lining is attached to the jacket at the side seams. The instructions would have you hand stitch in place. I machine stitched it in place along the side seam. With all the embroidery going on with this fabric that additional stitch line is barely noticeable.

The sleeves are two-piece sleeves - nice touch Sandra - and the bottom of the sleeve is not just hemmed. It has a 3" facing sewn on with top stitching. This will work great for my mother as she almost always has to shorten the sleeves on her jackets. I did shorten these sleeves but if she needs to make them shorter she can flip the facing back and it will look like it was designed that way.

The patch pockets are completely lined and top stitched with three rows of stitching along the top edge. Just another detail that is almost unnoticeable.

I made the buttonholes with my wonderful Pfaff 2056 (have I told you how much I love making buttonholes these days?!?) and cut them open with my wonderful little cutting tool. How do you cut open your buttonholes? Since I began using this tool I no longer cut past the stitching on my buttonholes.

The other task my Pfaff simplifies is sewing on the buttons. I'm loving that!

So the jacket is done and I can hardly wait to give it to my mom. I hope she gets lots of wear out of it.

And just in case you thought I spent the day sewing instead of working on the home improvement projects I leave you with a few photos of today's progress.

The landscape bricks were delivered. While DH continued work on the preparation for the paver patio work, I began tearing down the border in the kitchen we put up four years ago.

Before shot. Honestly, what was I thinking? A Paris cafe? It was a cute idea but it just didn't work. But I sure do love that deep red color though.

I hate, hate, hate tearing down borders and wallpapers! No borders or wallpapers in any house I live in ever again. At least we prepped the walls good when we put the border up. It actually came down without as much work as I anticipated.

With the Paris themed decor being packed away Sophia says goodbye to Fifi.

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  1. I use cheap plastic nippers or my seam ripper to cut through buttonholes. Not the most accurate. I should make something for my mom, she'd be so happy! This is lovely.

  2. That's a beautiful jacket. Love the contrasting facing. My Mum would love a jacket too!



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