Monday, May 28, 2007

A time for digging and a time for sewing

No rain today. That meant the day began with outdoor work, not inside (sewing) work. We decided to hold off on the paver patio and finish the edging along the fence in the backyard.

DH cleared a space a foot wide and I went along and dug a trench for the landscape edging to sit against.
After we had the edging in place and the dirt packed in tightly, we began moving rock from the back of the house to the fence line. Our plan is to level this area out with landscape bricks and plant something - maybe just hostas - I'm not sure at this point. DH shoveled the rock into a wheelbarrow and we poured it along the fence line.

Whew, almost done. It sure doesn't look like it would be much work does it? That small fence line took us about five hours from start to finish. Sure am glad that's done. Tomorrow we either begin ripping apart the paver patio or we paint the kitchen. All depends on the weather.
I did get into the sewing room for a short while. DD's blue cotton blouse (New Look 6678) was completed. Full review to follow.
DD's pink tee from McCall's 5271 was also completed. Review to follow.

A knit wrap dress was completed (for me!) - a TNT - Simplicity 9482. Review to follow.

Plus! I even had time to begin a jacket for my mother from a Sandra Betzina pattern (oop) - Vogue 7855. You guessed it. Review to follow. Pin It

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  1. I also split my time b/w garden and sewing this weekend. But I didnt' get anything completely done in the sewing room. Good for you, cute tops!



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