Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks for your suggestions on how to use the ladybug fabric!

Wow! What a great response - thank you sooooooo much for all of your suggestions! I read each and every one and have been thinking about what you suggested, because, honestly, I love this piece of fabric and I really wasn't sure the best way to use it. You sure had some good ideas:
  • Cidell said she sees the fabric as a skirt.
  • Henriette suggested McCalls 5431 with black as the contrast instead of red. It just so happens that I just picked this pattern up at a recent sale, but I don't have enough fabric. But I might play with black instead of red for the contrast.
  • Vicki W suggested a tote. Not a bad idea, but I'm wondering to myself if I would get more use out of a skirt versus a tote. Hmmm....
Oh, by the way, I found the fabric made up into a super cute purse on Etsy as well as a little zip pouch.
  • Melisa (how DO you get that little mark above the e?) provided a number of skirt pattern suggestions. McCalls 5431, McCalls 5430 (how did I miss this one before? Its really cute!), Simplicity 4233 (which I think I have in the stash so I can check yardage requirements), and New Look 6345 could work...
  • Dawn suggested Burda 8677. For some reason I tend to forget about Burda even though everything I sewn from a Burda pattern has worked well for me.
  • Now Linda thought of a sleeveless top, McCalls 2818. I never even thought of the possibility of a summer top!
  • Amy and I must think alike as she liked the apron or tote idea also.
  • Stacy suggested independent pattern companies. I've only used Favorite Things once, but the reviews and photos I've seen for the FT Cute Skirt are, well, cute! And I *have* been curious to see what the new Amy Butler skirt looks like.
  • Now Tany suggested, and Deb seconded, a more classic style skirt with a trendy touch - a straight a-line with a red hem band. This could be a really good use of this fabric.
  • By this point I was pretty sure my original pattern choice was not going to be *the one*, but then Gaylen commented that she has made the skirt multiple times and loves it! She cut the front two panels on the fold with a bit less of a flared shape near the bottom which would take care of breaking up the print in a seam.
Whew! Lots of ideas to think about. I think I am going to try and use it for a skirt. I can always remake the skirt into a tote or apron if I decide I don't like it.

You know, I'm probably spending more time *thinking* about what to sew with this fabric than it will take for me to actually sew it up!

Isn't it great how an online sewing community can put their creative heads together and come up with so many great ideas! Thank you!

This is going to be one of my sewing projects next week since I have an entire week off from work! Although, unlike a certain sewing fanatic (who's blog I read regularly), I won't get to spend my vacation time sewing. I'm DH's helper for a whole lotta home improvement projects. The first one up is to take apart the paver patio and redo it. Ugh, my muscles are already sore just thinking about it. Pin It


  1. It's the "thinking about it" part that is often the most fun part of sewing, isn't it? Ahhh....the possibilities!

  2. See what happens when you don't own a home and don't have to do home improvement projects! You have time to sew...I will be thinking of you as I am sitting contently at my sewing machine churning out clothing!

    I will have sewing vacas for the next four years since I am a single parent putting one now and in 2 years 2 daughters through college. Something had to give and since I am not a huge fan of packing up all my clothes and shipping them off to a fancy destination only to unpack them and bring them home - sewing vacas work for me!

    I will hope that you get at least one day to yourself to sew!!!!

  3. Oh my mysterious E! It’s actually very easy, you hold down the alt key & type out 130 on the num key pad. é

    I just saw another skirt pattern for you to consider too. The One Hot Skirt by Betsy Ross, you can see a review of it on Sew Mama Sew! Here:



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