Monday, May 14, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments regarding the button-front pencil skirt! I think its wonderful to find a pattern that produces a really great piece.

I was going to post the second skirt I completed for the skirt sew-along month, but instead I'm showing off the magazine I was able to find at Borders bookstore. Yep, that's right. The last copy of May Burda World of Fashion. Do you know how much this baby cost? $13.95 usd! That was a bit of sticker shock for me as it was $7.50 usd an issue the last time I purchased it in a bookstore.

I know its not such a big deal to those of you who subscribe but I let my subscription lapse quite a few years ago. In fact it was right after my sister-in-law died (from ovarian cancer just one week after her 48th birthday - very sad.) My brother was letting her friends choose a piece of her jewelry (she had a huge collection of turquoise jewelry that she loved) and it just struck me how useless all the stuff was that I had been accumulating. When I came home from her funeral I pared down a lot of my stuff and cancelled all of my magazine subscriptions. Burda WOF was one of them. The initial grief passed and slowly the magazine subscriptions began again but I haven't gotten around to this one yet.

As usual its filled with inspiration. I especially like these two jackets. Although I'm not sure about the rope as it looks too nautical for my taste.

I don't live near a Borders bookstore so I don't typically have a chance to look for the Burda WOF magazine. I was in the area because I had to bring my little Maltese, Sophia, to a specialist.

We noticed constant tremors involving her entire body just over a month ago. At first we thought with the onset of thunderstorm season she was scared. But the tremors worsened especially when she became excited. However, they stop when she is asleep.

The specialist suspects it is something called "White Dog Shaker Syndrome". I'll be bringing her back in the morning for a CSF tap to confirm the diagnosis. Apparently she has all the symptoms and is the right age (she just turned five.) The good news is that, while they don't know what causes it, it is treatable.

I'm glad I was close to a Borders and able to stop in to purchase a copy of Burda, but I hope this will be the last trip in that direction for the little white dog. Pin It


  1. I hope everything is okay with your dog, I know that it is stressful when something is going on with the special little critters in your life.

    $13.95??? I bought the May 2007 issue at the Borders in Seattle and it cost $8.50. Why the diff, I wonder?

  2. Thanks Christina.

    That is a huge price difference on the Burda mag! You'd think in a big city (Mpls) that the price would be close to other large cities. I guess if want the magazine it's time to resubscribe.

  3. Hope your dog is OK.

    I understand about the accumulation thing. I've gone through a similar process myself.

    I still find it difficult sometimes to find that happy place between not accumulating too much stuff and refusing to feel bad over getting something I want because I want it (as opposed to getting it because need it).

  4. I hope your dog is OK...
    That BWOF May issue is one of my favorites; the price has increased in Portugal too, now I pay 6 euros per issue (before it was 5.2 euros, if I'm not mistaken)



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