Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sharon Sews meets DIY Television Host Paul Ryan (or why I love my public library)

Paul Ryan is the host of DIY Network's Kitchen Renovations and the author of a newly released book Weekend Kitchen Makeovers: Illustrated Techniques & Stylish Solutions.

When my husband and I first heard that he would be at two free kitchen remodeling seminars at our local public library we immediately marked our calendar. We have this wonderful, big country-style kitchen. It has lots and lots of cabinets and counter tops but needs to be updated. Because we are do-it-yourself kind of people, we figured this would be a good opportunity to get some ideas and ask an expert questions.

Unfortunately my husband wasn't able to make either seminar and I was sent on my own to soak up as much as information I could. I expected the seminar to be really crowded but there weren't many people in the audience. It didn't seem to matter to Paul Ryan who turned out to be a humorous and generous presenter. Full of remodeling information that he enthusiastically shared with this audience. He also stayed after the program for one-on-one questions anyone might have.

My question? How do you find the kitchens you remodel on your show? (Seriously, wouldn't that be cool to have your kitchen remodel televised? Not to mention the extra help you'd have.) Turns out the area I live in is not an area that the television production crew travels to. Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying.

So I did the next best thing. Asked him to autograph a book for my husband, and...

... had my photo taken with him.

I don't know about your local libraries, but mine is always offering a wide variety of great programs at no charge. There is so much more available at the library than books. Although books, and especially sewing books, are still my favorite.

Did you know if the library doesn't have a book in its collection you can request an Inter Library Loan (ILL) or ask them to consider purchasing it? I have used the ILL service quite a few times to get my hands on copies of old sewing books and recently I placed a request to purchase Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style . I was quite pleased when I received notification yesterday that the book had been ordered and was waiting for me to pick it up at the library. I've only skimmed through it so far, but if you're a Tim Gunn fan you'll enjoy the book.

One other sewing note before I go help my husband with a (non-kitchen) home improvement project. One of my favorite reviewers on Patternreview now has a blog! Check it out - Stitch Me Up. If her blog is as great as her reviews it is sure to become a favorite read of many, many people. Pin It

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