Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rainy days and muslins always get me down

(With sincere apologies to the Carpenters....)

The day started out just fine. We awoke to the sound of a soft breeze blowing through the tree tops and the birds singing away. Oh how I love that sound in the morning!

The plan for the day was a quick drive for our bi-weekly chiropractic appointment, choose paint for the kitchen and begin the retaining wall.

As we were driving home from our chiropractic appointment we ended up in the midst of road crews setting up signs and traffic cones. They were closing two of the three lanes of highway traffic for road construction project. (Are those projects never ending where you live also?)

We were in the one open lane, the left lane, heading south, when all of a sudden we saw a car in the northbound lane burst out of the traffic, head for the grassy median where it spun and came to a stop.

At first we thought this person had been going too fast and when they braked they spun out of control. DH even commented that it was a smart move on their part to crank their steering wheel so they wouldn't fly into the opposing highway traffic.

But as we slowly drove past we saw a young women inside the car crying hysterically...and no one was stopping! Immediately we pulled over and my husband ran to see if she was okay. Turns out she was not injured, just badly shaken up. My husband helped calm her down and as she called her boyfriend he called 9-1-1 for assistance.

Turns out the car behind her was the one going too fast. The woman driving the car that hit her realized she was going to rear end the car and tried to swerve to the right. In doing so she hit the right back side of the car forcing the car to fly into the median and spin. The young women who caused the accident was also unhurt but incredibly shook up.

We stayed until the highway patrol arrived, explained that we hadn't actually witnessed the accident, but had stopped to offer help. The highway patrolman said it was fine if we left, so we continued on our way. But not before saying a prayer of thanks...thanks that these women were not harmed and thanks that the car spun in the center ditch - otherwise it would likely have been our car that would have been hit.

So that was the beginning of our day!

We just continued on to Home Depot where we choose a paint color for the kitchen. Although I'm still not sure if I like it or not. Its a neutral, which DH loves, but I really wanted turquoise...

When we got home DH began the retaining wall project and I left to have lunch with a new friend. I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship. This woman just oozes kindness, intelligence, and high-energy fun and I really enjoy her company! (Hey "PW", if you're reading this I'm talking about you!)

After a long, leisurely lunch I headed home to see if DH needed help. Fortunately he did not as I don't know if I have the strength to actually lift those landscaping blocks. It began raining soon after I took this photo so he wrapped it up for the day and I headed to the sewing room.

No big projects, just a couple of muslins for summer tops.

The first muslin I sewed is from Simplicity 3797. I purchased the pattern because of the solid colored dress on the cover. I like the simple lines with the slight flared skirt and hip belt.

I tested the fit by sewing the top. The only adjustment I made was to do an FBA, which is simple to do as this top/dress has princess seams. The top is very simple to sew. The side fronts are sewn to the front and the side backs are sewn to the back. A zipper is inserted in the side, which is nice as it keeps the line of the top smooth. While the instructions call for a lapped zipper application, I like invisible zippers. In my opinion, they are so much easier to insert.

The upper band is interfaced, faced, and top stitched. The straps, as sewn, are too narrow for me, as I would always want to make sure I could wear undergarments and not have the straps peek out.

With the muslin completed, I'm not sure if I like it. When I have it on something just doesn't look right. It might be the straight line across my upper chest that I find unflattering. However, as DH pointed out, this style might work on me as a dress as there wouldn't be two horizontal lines so close to one another. If I find the right fabric I'll sew the dress as it will only require a few hours of my time.

The other summer muslin I whipped up is from Simplicity 4196. This is the pattern I used to make two recent skirts.
I did an FBA to the pattern and cut out the top late last summer but tucked it away as the weather was turning colder. Since I'm looking for a sleeveless top pattern that can become a TNT for me I decided to sew it up quickly and see if this is the one! I sure like the looks of it on the model.

Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that is sews up very quickly. This top is easily a one hour project. The bad news is that I messed up my FBA. Oh my, I laughed so hard when I finished sewing it together.

First of all, I lowered the bust point but forgot to lower the vee-neckline also so there is way too much fabric at the center front. It looks horrible!

Secondly, I got overzealous with the FBA adjustment and there is so much extra fabric that I can't even donate the top as no one will be able to fill it out.

Thirdly, I was all excited that I would be able to cross this off my UFO list, but then I realized I hadn't even added this one to my list. Darn!

I think I'll stick with painting tomorrow and see if that goes any better. Pin It


  1. I'm really happy that you were able to stop and help at the accident. And don't you hate falling a little out love with a project?

  2. Your response to the accident was great!
    I love the muslin you made for S3797. It's funny, I was showing the pattern websites to my little sister the other day and she asked me whether I could sew that dress as a birthday gift for her in September. I'd never noticed that pattern before, but it's a great wardrobe builder! The dress is really cute. I think your husband is right, it look be better as a dress than as a top.

  3. Better a muslin than expensive silk, right? Although, how would it look (the pink) if it were longer? I bet that the shortness of it, combined with the square neckline, makes it look boxy. Perhaps at tunic length, with slits at the sides.... or, just forget it...that's always easiest!



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