Thursday, May 10, 2007

More skirt planning

Although I'm still in the midst of completing the two skirts I mentioned earlier I am already contemplating what the next skirt projects will be.

I found this remnant at Joann's in the remnant bin.

It is a black linen/blend with large open circles embroidered in white and a few sequins scattered through out. There was just under 7/8 of a yard but, because it was rolled up, I wasn't sure of the width. I suspected it would be 60" wide which would mean enough fabric to sew another skirt from McCall's 5330. If it was only 45" wide I would have most likely used it for a purse. I unrolled it when I got home and it was indeed wide enough to make View C from the McCall's skirt pattern.

This is also the perfect time to finish the Hot Patterns Miss Money Penny skirt. I had actually forgotten about that pattern as it is tucked away with the UFOs.

The bottom portion of the skirt hem dips lower in the back than the front, which I didn't pick up on from the pattern illustration. It's been so long since I began this muslin that now I'm wondering if I sewed the lower portion on backwards. Also, the front skirt does not have a center front seam as shown. It is laid out on the fold of the fabric. I need to tweak the fit a bit more and then dig in the stash for the perfect piece of fabric to sew it up in.

Speaking of the perfect fabric for a skirt...have you seen this adorable Chocolate Lollipop skirt (copyright Anna Maria Horner) yet? Chocolate Lollipops is the name of the fabric line and the skirt is an artistic blend of colors with a hint of texture. My skirts look incredibly boring compared to this one, but it sure gets the creative juices going doesn't it? Pin It

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