Friday, May 11, 2007

Flashback Friday - Spring 1979

I was reading yet another article about the popularity surge in sewing. This particular article was focused on sewing for children and how mothers sew because they want special, one-of-a kind clothing for their children.

When I was busy sewing for my two little ones it was a decision based heavily on economics and practicality. I didn't have much money but I did know how to sew. And sew I did. Every night after I read them a story and tucked them into bed you would find me at my old green Kenmore sewing machine.

I really enjoyed sewing for those two. They were born less than a year apart and until they were about four years of age I would occasionally sew them matching brother and sister outfits. (Do people even do that anymore?)

When people would ask me if they were twins I learned to just smile and say "yes". It was much easier than dealing with the puzzled looks when I explained their age gap.

This pattern, McCall's 6407, was one of those TNT patterns that I used over and over and over. Those two had so many t-shirts and shorts from this pattern that people must have thought they wore uniforms.
My favorite was the jacket. I made my two little ones matching jackets out of a cotton fabric printed with little animals riding on bicycles. DD had a pink one with pink pants and DS had a blue one with blue pants.

I remember the sales clerk saying "you're kidding, right?" with just the raise of her eyebrow when I told her I was making a 2 -year -old and a 3 -year -old jackets from the fabric. In retrospect perhaps the print was a bit baby-ish, but so what? It was my time and money, I thought they looked adorable and they were too young to care.

I tried many times to get a picture of them together with their matching outfits but it just never happened. But I did manage to get a photo with at least one wearing their jacket.

DS is wearing his jacket and pants while DD is wearing a pastel striped multi-tiered jumper over a button front blouse with puffed sleeves and a lace trimmed peter pan collar. Did I sew it? Of course I did.

Oh, here's the link for the entire article about moms sewing for their children. Pin It


  1. It feels great to sew for your children, doesn't it? My daughter had the best wardrobe around when she was younger, (i.e. pre-adolescent!) And for my son I made lots of jackets and pants abounding with snaps and eyelets and pockets. I learned so much sewing for them. They're mostly past wanting those things now, though I suspect my daughter will come back to me come prom time!

  2. I sewed alot for my kids, too. I saved every scrap. They're 20 and 22 now and I'm so glad I did. The baby books and photo albums are still largely trapped in my imagination, but from time to time, I browse through those scraps and all those little outfits come back to life!



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