Sunday, April 15, 2007

RetroRama - a celebration of '50s style

"Indulge in a night of music, martinis and '50s-inspired fashion by local designers. Enjoy music by The New Standards, vintage apparel on display and classic cocktails and appetizers. Shop for retro treasures. Celebrate an era when glamour and elegance were part of an evening out."

My husband already had other plans the evening of this event so cross your fingers that my girlfriend will be able to go with me! If she says yes, then I hope to find enough time in my busy calendar to whip up a '50s dress to wear. When else would I have a chance to dress '50s and fit right in?

But which one to sew? There are so many wonderful vintage and retro patterns to choose from. It will have to be a Butterick or Vogue as I will have to pick it up at a local fabric time to wait for an order. Hmmm....maybe Vogue 2960 or Butterick 4792. The event is only a few weeks away and it will still be cold, so perhaps Butterick 4919 with a wrap from Butterick 4927.

Oh it would be so much fun! They had me at "'50s-inspired fashion by local designers." Pin It


  1. I vote for Butterick 4919! I have that one in my pattern stash and would love to see it made up!

  2. Ooo - that sounds like fun! I can't wait to see what you make - 50s fashion is my favourite. All of the patterns you have mentioned are great, but I am partial to V2960. Have fun!

  3. I think Butterick 4919 too. It looks like a fab dress to float about in!



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