Monday, April 02, 2007

Have you heard the one about the Sandra Betzina pattern recall?

Nope, its not a joke. I only "heard" about it because I was surfing through the boards on Patternreview and saw one entitled "Sandra Betzina "Today's Fit" Pattern Recall
Vogue 2913 and 2948".

Since I typically purchase most Vogue pattern that Sandra Betzina releases, I was pretty sure that I had these two in my stash. Sure enough, here they are.

I had traced the pieces for pattern 2913 soon after the pattern was released intending to make a muslin, tweak the fit, and then sew some winter wool pants. However, some reviews on Patternreview and sewing blogs were not favorable for this particular pattern so I put it aside.

Curious as to why the patterns were being recalled, I followed the link provided to Sandra Betzina's website, where she posted an explanation. Apparently the patterns printed and released by Vogue patterns did not match the one that Sandra Betzina had sent to the company. The difference was in the crotch curve. Vogue patterns admitted that the error was on their end and recalled the two patterns.

The patterns were to be corrected, reprinted, and re-released on April 1, 2007.

If you purchased either of these patterns before that date you can send them to Vogue patterns, attn: Consumer Services, and let them know if you want a McCall's Stitch n Save or a Butterick See & Sew. You will receive the replacement patterns for the Sandra Betzina patterns plus a coupon for a free pattern (Mcalls Sew n Sew or Butterick S&S) as reimbursement of your postage.

My patterns are ready to mail back in tomorrow's mail. I'm glad to know that Vogue was willing to take responsibility and replace the patterns, however, I wonder if I would have even found out about the recalled patterns if I hadn't been browsing the boards at Patternreview? Perhaps Vogue is planning a larger recall notice after they reprinted the correct pattern.

That's why I posted this here, just in case any of you have either of these patterns in your stash and missed the topic being discussed on the sewing boards.

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  1. I've been away on vacation and missed all the posts on the boards - thanks for the heads up. I don't think that I have these, but will double check.



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